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Mouse feel is going to be pretty specific to a person's individual tastes, but luckily there's a pretty wide variety to choose from. I'd definitely start with the display at Best Buy or Walmart to see if any of them strike your fancy, but they're probably not going to be showing off every brand that's out there. A lot of people like the Logitech models, but I've always found them to be too small for me. I usually just buy whatever the latest Deathadder is when I need a new mouse; it's the same body as the old Intellimouse Explorers, and is a pretty solid thing all the way around, and is pretty simple to use if you avoid all of Razer's silly customizable software options.

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I would love to find something that would grab me like WoW has, but for the moment it still seems like the only option for me. Tried FF14 and Wildstar and a few others, but there's something ineffable about WoW that makes it hard to take up anything else. It's had its ups and downs but it's still an incredible game.

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P.S. Totally appreciate the dialogue, this thread as a whole has been one of the most constructive I've seen on the internet in terms of different views coming together about a controversial issue.


Same here. I must say, conmuligan, you do a nice job defending your feelings and opinions regarding this topic. Thanks for keeping it respectful. That goes for just about everyone in this thread.

Gonna echo this. Naturally not everyone is going to agree with everyone else in hot-topic posts like these, but this thread is a pretty good example of how I'd like to hope threads on topics like this can go. Thanks to everyone for keeping it civil.

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I will say that I absolutely hate any flashing UI elements that can't be turned off. Many fighting games are guilty of this, with something like "PRESS START" flashing constantly in the upper right hand corner to indicate that a second player can join. I get that that comes from arcade tradition, but it's still annoying.

The original Splinter Cell had an objective bar that would pop up after you stopped moving for two seconds. Literally, two seconds. It would go away again when you started moving again. Since you would fairly often stop and start moving to check the environment, that thing would pop up and down constantly. Drove me batty; I never finished the game because of it.

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First time that I have seen the battle system straight through like that rather than in bits and pieces from a trailer or cut together footage. It will be interesting to see more of the mechanics of the battle system and how exactly it will play.

In particular I'm curious about the UI. What they have in there feels pretty placeholder at the moment.

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I have no idea what this game is going to be and that both fascinates me and makes me really worried. After the XIII games I'm not sure I'm on board with more Final Fantasy, but I'll give this an honest shot, I guess.

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@heyguys: So that means it's terrible? I enjoyed it only because I thought it could give someone who has never had depression the idea of what the mental disorder is like. I showed it to a roommate who couldn't wrap his head around depression (saying "just cheer yourself up") and he began to get why it wasn't all that easy.

All in all it's not a full on game. I can't see someone reviewing it but I can see someone mentioning it and showing a friend, which is what I did. That isn't grounds for conspiracy theories imo. And there are plenty of smaller indie games that get talked about but don't get reviews. Especially now that there is early access of games. Rust has no reviews on Metacritic but was talked about by sites, Youtubers, and Twitch streamers alike. Is that evidence of a conspiracy or just a community passing around a game that could be/is awesome?

Honestly I think it's fine for people to question connections and relationships between developers of all kinds and the gaming press. But again, this should be about solutions to the problem we all have admitted is there and not constantly trying to convince one side or the other a conspiracy exists or doesn't.

I don't think heyguys' point was that it was terrible; I think he was simply pointing out that a critical darling is not always a successful game or one that makes a huge impact in wider discussions of a medium. Games that critics love will fail; games that critics hate will make hundreds of millions of dollars. This is as true in games as it is in any other medium.

At least, that's what I think heyguys was saying; don't want to speak for you. In general, the commercial impact of critics is vastly overestimated; the success of a game or movie or whatever is almost always going to be determined by marketing, with word of mouth a distant second, with critical opinion usually quite a distant third. Or so I perceive things to be.

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Meh, that's nice I guess, but at the end of the day people being harassed and attacked both online and in person is unacceptable and those people need to be reprimanded.

As well, if people want to have discussions and criticisms of any and all games, that's cool. It is what video games deserve.

I think that one of the issues is that it's almost impossible to actually curtail that behavior without doing something crazy like asking for people to use their driver's licenses before they're allowed on the internet. It's nice to think that harassment is a problem that can be solved, but it seems somewhat difficult to figure out what could be done to do about it without also affecting the right to anonymous speech on the Internet, which is an incredibly valuable aspect of the technology that we've built. Anonymous communication leads to harassment, yes, but it also leads to things like whistleblowers and people exposing real injustice when they'd otherwise be afraid to do so.

That sounds a bit like "harassment is just something that we have to deal with," and I certainly don't mean to sound that way, but it'd be interesting to hear some ideas as to what could be done. On GB we of course moderate people who engage in that kind of stuff, but it's far more difficult for a company like Twitter to do so.

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Well I have to be on UPF for a bit, so keep this thread calm, por favor, and I'll try to hop in later when I can. Not that you need me to talk about this stuff, though, of course!