On the road again

look at this pup

Hey all,

I'm heading to Virginia tomorrow for my sister's graduation. She's going to be a doctor of criminology or something like that, I guess. I don't really pay much attention to that kind of stuff because she's an icky girl.

Anyway, I'll be only intermittently online from Saturday until Wednesday, and queries to support@giantbomb.com may go unanswered until I get back. I'm sure I missed some emails or PMs this week due to the busy-ness, but feel free to email me at matthew.rorie@cbsinteractive.com if you haven't gotten a response to something yet. I'll try to get back to you at some point!

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Goddamnit will everybody stop leaving!... even if only temporarily. I say we as the community now need to take this into our own hands and chain up any remaining GB staffers to their damned chairs.

Anywhoo have fun at Virginia and congrats to sister-Rorie!

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Also, I'm still the only comment on here?? Well, guess you too Rorie get to experience the anguish of keeping a blog separate from the forums!.. Courtesy of the continuing lack of follower status/blog updates showing up on user profiles.

I know the guys are working on adding it in, but still, I would have rather they focussed on that sooner rather than later. I'd say it was considered a much more important feature to most than, for example, having the forums on the front page.

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I'm near Virginia! Well, DC. But there should have been an impromptu GB meetup, or at least a cheering section for Sister Rorie.