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lol, poor tokyo chicken

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Fuck it, we'll do it live.


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Fun Fact #1: TokyoChicken is not gonna make it...
Fun Fact #2: ...If he does make it, he surely won't make it the next time...
Fun Fact #3: ...If he does makes it a second time...well then, then God kills a kitten.

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Kush said:
"Fun Fact #3: ...If he does makes it a second time...well then, then God kills a kitten."
Please Tokyo, think of the kittens.
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The wind will carry him over. You'll see.

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Huzzah, another internet meme!!

Damn that tokyochicken...

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Damn that TokyoChicken. He's not gonna make it.

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Rowr said:

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This blog is bursting with win.

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wtf is up wiyh tokyochikien

i have no idea

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Man, he should take that bike to Mumbo Jumbo's and get a bigger engine.

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My god.

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Tokyo is the next Evel Knievel confirmed!

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HAHAHAHAHHA i laughed so hard.....
oh man....
<3 TC

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I didn't make it, god damnit! Damn me!

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Oh tokyochicken, how you fail. You fail so much you almost inspire me to commit suicide...but don't worry, I'm gonna make it.

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he'll make it. You must believe!