GOTY 2012

So now is the time for GOTY creations. I figure, I've got time to kill (too much, actually) and I'd like to cement my thoughts in some form for future perusal. Thusly, my list of favourite games that I played in 2012.

This year has felt pretty odd overall, in a way. It was almost a weak year, in many ways. There weren't really any stand-out, blow-your-socks-off games, at least none that would stand up terribly well pitted against games of earlier years. There's no bangers, really. It's kind of telling that I used this year to play a lot of old games.

But then again, trying to pick 10 from the games I played last year was kind of tough. From the 25 games I played this year, 17 were still looking to make it into the top. And a whole lot of them are really good for reasons that are uncommon for games; story-telling, and especially decision-making and consequences, were addressed in incredibly interesting ways. Spec Ops: The Line was a middling shooter, surrounded by a stellar story that is very rare in shooters these days. No less, a Call of Duty game did very similar things, apparently with great success.

So, without further ado, my games in descending order, ladies and gents:

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