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Faithful to the Source Material. 0

I like shooters and action games, but not so much that I buy a ton of them. I just mix them into my usual array of RPGs and open world games. I got this game specifically because it was 40k. I'm a big tabletop gamer. I play the 40K RPG and have played some Warhammer miniatures in the past. I love the setting and the world that Games Workshop has built.With that said, I was very pleased with Space Marines, mainly because they really did the source material justice. The people making this game mus...

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Worthy End Cap to the Ezio Trilogy 0

I think this game is pretty inaccessible to anyone who hasn't played at least the previous two AC2 games, so this review is only for those players. Some people have concerns with annual releases of video games, but I prefer it also long as they maintain quality. AC has done that with AC2: Revelations. I do have some criticisms, but they have nothing to do with quality.StoryThe best element of AC2: Revelations is the narrative. It was really satisfying to play an old Ezio. It's rare to get to pla...

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Very good sequel 0

Arkham Asylum was my game of the year when it was released. I got it on a whim just because I always liked batman, and it was the best comic based video game made to date, period.I was excited for the sequel, but when I started playing the game, I felt the permise was a bit ridiculous even for a comic book. The idea that gotham would just annex part of their city and let the super villans run wild is hard to shallow. But I have to admit, as the story played out, I begin to enjoy it more and more...

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Good but short 1

I loved this game.   I'm not a huge platformer fan, but I like them when they are puzzle focused and have a lot of artist style.  This totally hit that mark for me.  But it felt a little short compared to Braid, the game which it is often compared. ...

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