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it's iMprov.... with an M. it's not inprov. improv is short for improvisation. inprov isn't anything. just clearing that up

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what about resident evil 5?

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test0r said:
"I thought the nominees and categories were great.

Only thing I don't agree with it Spore not being in the dissapointing games award, but hey, nobodys perfect."
well i don't think that spore was enough of a failure to be put in that category. It was still a pretty good game 
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Highest was 0.21

Lowest was 0.28
Average was 0.245

I am 15 years old
I am Male
Have been playing for 7 years
Favorite genre is FPS/TPS
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yeah this totally works, my friend will import his xbox account onto my 360 so he can play get points on his account and then he'll put it back on his regular xbox

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that's freaking stupid, who is gonna play that and why couldn't they just port MGS4 to the xbox 360

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all i want is more acrobatic movements, like wall running and swinging off of things

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SmugDarkLoser said:
"xavmeese said:
"I'd rather not have an animus at all...I think the storyline of the last game could've held up without it anyway.
It just seems weird to me, switching back and forth from the past to what is supposed to be the present.

If they get rid of the animus that'd be sweet with me."

The story wouldn't had made much sense without it exactly."
i agree. if desmond was just randomly popping in and out of the third crusade, i would have had more questions than if it was because he got into a machine.
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Captain_Insano said:
Also I would like assassinations to be more stealthy and less combat. Perhaps still find out about your target with some of the mini quests but then you get to chose what approach you take. You have to follow the character and work out their routine. You could sneak into their palace and murder them while they sleep. Or attack them stealthily during a masquerade ball or set up a more combat oriented ambush situation"
i think if assassin's creed 2 turns into something like that. then it might as well just be another Hitman game. i think that in each game, desmond will use the animus to visit a time period closer and closer to the present until he becomes an assassin in world war 2
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mine was Tomb Raider: Legend