The quite trend of 2010

I noticed in 2010 that several high profile games used a specific mechanic that was not highly used before it and hasn't really been used much this year. The mechanic I'm speaking of is during a moment in the game typically a moment of importance to the story we breifly play the game as another character and experience the situation through another perspective. Mass Effect 2 did it Red Dead Redemption did it, and Batman Arkham Asylum did it the year before. Is this enough evidence of a trend has it happened since and I'm just missing it. I find it slightly odd that such a specific thing happened so often in the past few years. Has anyone else noticed it or am I just going crazy?

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Release season is here and I couldn't be more excited. The past several months for me have been dry, I've mostly been playing the uncharted 2 multiplayer and limbo. Limbo for me was an amazing experience, never have I been both so thoroughly impressed with game design and the direction. So far I feel like this year hasn't been as important as 2010 some amazing games came out last year. Although I could not be more excited for the coming months skyrim uncharted 3 and arkham city will all be day one purchases for me. I just wanted to share my thoughts and excitement I've really been looking to get deeply invested in a game and I haven't had that since since portal 2. So what is everyone looking forward to most?

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That game is fucking cool most fun I have had playing a game in a long time, I can't wait to finish it!


The fate of John Shepard? (or lady Shepard) With some spoilers!

With the release of ME3 coming in little under a year, and me finishing my second playthrough of ME2, I got to thinking what is the fate of Shepard? 
It is pretty common knowledge that Shepard died in the very begining of ME2, it setup the story of ME2 pretty nicely, and introduced Cerberus. The existence of a a pro-human organization was key to the development of the story and setup the whole Reaper invasion very nicely. It also made many of the decisions in the game very hard. On one hand Cerberus was a shady group with a dark past, on the other I felt that a lot of the time I kind of agreed with Cerberus. You know what maybe giving the Collector base over to The Illusive Man seemed unethical, but at the same time what has to be done just has to be done. One of the things I loved about the game was that you never knew if Cerberus was actually bad or if they were doing the necessary work to ensure that the Reapers were to be stopped in the future.
So I ultimately ask to you, what do you think the fate of Shepard will be? Do you think he will actually die in the end? Will that even feel conclusive, as Bioware has shown before that Shepard can be brought back from the dead? Will he trimuphantly defeat the Reapers and save humanity? This has to be a major concern over at Bioware as ME3 has been touted as the end of Shepard's story. I think they have a lot riding on it, and how the trilogy ends will color the perception of the story for years to come.


Evil Kneievel

I have been thinkging alot and i'd like to become a stunt man similiar to evil kneieivel 
That is what id like to do  
EDIT or a daredevil but I dont think I could cause I am scared of hieghts, I did break my arm once 
EDIT EDIT I dont think he ever successfully landed


Metal Gear Solid: Finale (some spoilers...

 ...but hey I'm probably the last person to play this game, right?)

Yeah I fell my first time through this part 

So after taking a break from playing Metal Gear Solid and getting engrossed in Minecraft, I finally finished Metal Gear Solid. What a great game; my playtime clocked in around 13 hours, I think I left it on sitting for maybe an hour or so. The boss battles were great, they never felt frustratingly hard, yet they were challenging and took me a few tries to get, maybe that's because I was playing on easy, but I felt that the difficulty for me was just right. The stealth was fun as well, although I probably did a bit more killing than is normal. Whenever I hear about a stealth game there is an inevitable groan that follows, maybe this is due to me playing the early Splinter Cell games, where you lose once you are spotted. I feel like the system implemented in this game is highly effective, the two timers allow you the opportunity to still continue once you get spotted but definitely makes the game more challenging.  

 Sneakin my way through, well kinda     
The story in the game was great as well, and how it unfolds in the last few hours is particularly interesting, with Master being Liquid, and Gray Fox being Deepthroat, which was a particularly awesome moment for me, and worthy of a fist pump. The themes in the game are also really interesting, Nuclear war, DNA, and fate determined by genetics. All something at the time that wasn't explored much in videogames. Also the auteur approach to videogames must have been at the time very new, and still is something that isn't explored too much even today, besides people like Will Wright, Sid Meyer, and Ken Levine. Overall it was a great game, the pacing felt right, characters were strong, and the cutscenes never seemed pretentious, or overtly long. I very much look forward to the rest of the series.  

      Pretty hot chick right? Wait that's a dude, damn.  And yes I know who the main protagonist of MGS2 is.

Stay tuned for the start of my Sons of Liberty blog, which I will most likely start after around two hours into that game. 

Metal Gear Solid: Approximately half way through

So I am around 5 hours in on the first Metal Gear Solid game, and from what I've heard about halfway through. So far I am really into it, and the game is pretty different from what I expected. First off the boss battles are amazing, psycho mantis, ninja, and vulcan, have all been very fun and challenging, I particularly enjoyed the ninja boss fight. The dynamic to every boss battle is interesting as well, each time I go in blind, not know what to use, and I haven't beat one in the first go around yet. Each one has taken me around 5 to 7 tries, getting slightly frustrated after each loss only makes me want to go at it a different way, and use a different strategy. The story so far has been very interesting, the isolated day in the life way of storytelling is extremely effective to me. The stealth gameplay was something I was a bit worried about, seeing as how I typically don't like these types of games, but here it feels very tactile, and to say the least I am getting the hang of it. Another thing that is great is having a reason to use all the gadgets they give you, and signifies really good game design.  
Stay tuned I will hopefully finish the game soon! 

Such a great character      

Metal Gear Solid: It begins

So I recently picked up MGS 3, I put about 2 hours into and I said to myself, you know what I want to play this whole series, so I put a pause on that game, and picked up Metal Gear Solid. I know, I know late to the party, never picked up the game when It came out as I was too young to make purchasing decisions for myself, and never got around to it before this, so far it's really great. What really prompted me to make this blog though is how the game has creeped it's way into my brain, earlier today I was siting down at Safeway and a cash register opened, and immediately I came to attention, it made the same sound as the alert sound from the game. 
So I decided to document my way through the series, it may take awhile but hopefully it will culminate in me beating Metal Gear Solid 4. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you into my journey, if your at all interested let me know.   


A Pleasant Surprise

So today I figured I'd browse, the used PS2 section at my near by GameSpot, after hearing Vinny say good things about Resident Evil 4 I picked that up, which was 8.99, then I saw Metal Gear Solid 3. I've never played a Metal Gear game but I figured in the future I may purchase a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 4, so MGS 3 would be as good a place as any to start, Metal Gear Solid 3 was 6.99. I went up to the counter and the very nice woman found the two games, and rung me up, my total came to 8.99, figuring she was trying to do something nice, I remained quite, I checked out and after a pleasant smile, and a thank you I was on my way.



would anyone like to play the PC version of Borderlands, my gamespy is sagesebas, Don't have any friends who have this on PC and I wanna check out the Co-Op.

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