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Randys shirt BETTER be dlc!

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Im gonna hunt for thisa several are watching. I played ayt video on the site. Noy much text comment. Now. Last week we had 13 people posting music vids. v4 was banned. 3 was "under considiration). Last and only: FUCK OFF GB MODS! Not sweep though. He's a burger. and...he's a burger.

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@mlarrabee said:

@Sarkhan: Oh, it's a great interview! I hope this doesn't get taken down as YT spam. There should be a place on GB for people to post directly video game-related YouTube links, like this one.

Thank you. As some of the staff is loving this, you where 1 voice into this. And yes. Randy is AWSOME!

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Im drunk.


I'''m sorry, but i am. please enjoy the video nomatter as th......just enjoy.

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The man interviews himself, what a champ.

Yes! Finaly somebody noticed!

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PSS=That shirt needs to be dlc!

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@cthomer5000 said:

@Video_Game_King said:


No, I mean it's literally impossible to flag mod posts. I've tried.

who watches the watchmen?

Brain is fried.... you win. After i get back, you have to explaine that for me!

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As the tin said. Pleae forum mods. ban me again as im about to post another youtube vid. This is randy. this is the mosr amazing ceo in gaming EVER. But!!! if i may? the shisrt? I hate it, unless it's a download. And doING THAT? RANDY IS AWSOME. LISTEN..... listen.

If i had the energy i would have more children AND argue about borderlands 2. But i'm soled::)

PS: N ew keybord=random caps.

Oh! what do you think? Saviour of a abanned post. You want the game? PS(listen to claptrap is a asshole 6+ min in)

Edit: Im sorry for spelling. Im drunk. Sorry. What i wanted from this is AWSOME!*


I'm sorry. This is VG24/7 video:=) and just listen to how pissede Randy is at Claptrap

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Ahh. Im sorry:)

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@Sweep said:

@Sarkhan: Mods make the best trolls ;)

Because you can't flag their posts, right?

Really? Let's give him time.....