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I think I'm done with Zenimax now I'll never play one of their games again. As far as I am concerned if you are going to play one then I ask that you consider piracy. As for me I wont touch them.

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Destiny - I expect to not live up to the hype but still be good

Titan Fall - people have actually played it and say it is awesome - long term play may show some weaknesses

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the morse code apparently is 11 12 13 there is a countdown now to the 11th Dec 2013

The website is owned by Zenimax and apparently (according to Gopher the mod guru) the site is scripted in 'fallout.js'

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@amyggen said:

That's fucking awesome!

what he said

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I've played for about 24 years. I'm very interested in how this works out. I think quality of practice is very important as well as time spent. I'm certainly not going to dismiss Rocksmith it may get beginners to a level they can go on from, it may be a good practice tool for veterans.

I will always remember one night putting a clock next to me and did 45 mins of constant finger picking exercise no breaks v intense. After that I felt fluent with right hand technique. Those 45 mins were more important than many of my 5-6 hour sessions.

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This is an excellent free rouge-like. It's very accessible, has good writing, lots of depth & variety, it looks really good (considering it is ASCII) and is great fun.

Highly recommend you check it out.

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I have sympathy with this being a two person team, but big disappointment.

It takes a few seconds to post an update on twitter. I went into a paid alpha with certain expectations that had been created by their website.

I've been in plenty of alphas and betas and I cant help feeling ripped off.

It even makes me question if they really were under DDOS attack at launch.

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thanks, nothing that's going to worry me too much it seems.

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Thanks peeps, decided to bite the bullet and get it

Feels like a complete game after nearly an hour playing. Heard online does not work, I don't know what that does anyway.

I recommend this like it so far.