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So they're putting in all the functionality they didn't need in the dev kits.

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Someone on Twitter claimed it was backwards-compatible with all Steam titles. As a game developer I have to chime in to say that for a Linux-based OS - that simply can't be true. It would by definition only run games built for or ported to Linux.

For OpenGL-based games porting could be relatively trivial, but there will always be the inertia caused by substandard development and debugging tools on that platform - as has always been the case.

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That design is fucking terrible. I wouldn't even buy it on impulse if it was $99.

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Please present me with a table so I can flip and divekick it.

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Well aren't they glad they properly beta tested it before release.

..but seriously, who really thought the launch would go smooth? For these online-only games it's best to give it a week at least.

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Who is he? ..and why is this important?

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Raise the shields and transfer all remaining power to weapons.

Let's do this.

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I was looking forward to PSA, but after playing the demo and seeing the roster I thought it would be better suited for a freebie game or something. $15 maybe, surely not $60.

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An equally important tool for money and power: Notch's twitter account.