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Honestly, who gives a fuck what they predict. These guys are no different than the ones that has the purpose of selling a product using extensive business techniques. I find it amusing if people are stupid enough to purchase it just because of a big number.

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@PercyChuggs said:
" And that's 4:3 support for standard definitions TV's. I HATE HATE HATE games that only support 16:9 widescreen and thus, if you have a standard def TV, your picture gets squished and smooshed into a sometimes unreadable mess. Bravo to Sucker Punch for doing the smart thing and giving SDTV users a chance to enjoy the game on the same level as those with HDTV's. "
Maybe your complaining because you can't afford a HDTV due to economies state done by the Federal Reserve people, namely the Rockefella's.
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I threw my GTA disc in a frisby style, hoping it'd return on a tall building unit complex but it never did...

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At first I just don't see the relevance of that video with L4D2 then I'm getting the idea that the TC is using it as a suble way of saying zombies don't change. Actually I don't get it, this was a waste of time. Vote for lock.

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@CallsignHUSKER: The reason why they can't or won't make an expansion is because the game's epilogue doesn't require the player to kill anything. Besides that, there's just too many black people thus, not worth the effort. I'm not racist by the way, just a figure of speech because it's true.. the game has alot of black people to kill :)
Definition of black people:
People with a skin colour of black.
- completely and absolutely not racist.
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@Gizmo said:
Hello all, I haven't been on much recently, but with good reason, I have been ravishing Left 4 Dead.

So, on the 21st November, I got hold of Left 4 Dead, a game I have been hyping and anticipating since late 2006 and boy, was it worth it.
The game is very easy to drop in and play, but near impossible to master. At first the choice of weapons seemed limited but after many hours of constant gameplay you realise the limited choice actually enhances the squad based gameplay, meaning that your team ends up taking one particular type of weapon to deal with certain situations(auto-shotty with tank, Mac 10 with horde etc). The sheer amount of enemies on screen at once is stunning, this combined with the incredible AI director means every single game is intense and fresh.

The controls on the 360 version are as good if not better then Call of Duty 4's, bringing together realistic rumble and pin point accuracy with just the right amount of auto-aim. The maps are incredibly re-playable and have many paths, options and secrets to uncover. The maps also have a sense of being really sprawling and you never feel as if you have been in a certain area twice, thanks to the AI director.

I have heard some people complained about the graphics, let me just clear up a few things.
This game has some of the best graphics on any console, full stop. The dynamic lighting is nothing short of incredible, and this updated version of the source engine looks to be fully utilising this generation of consoles power. I have been playing on a Samsung HD-TV so I have seen what this game can do. The sound is also top notch, but what really makes the sound in L4D incredible is the neccesity of having to closely pay attention to any change in music or tempo, miss the tell-tale drumming music of a horde rush, and you will die.

One of the real suprises for me is the insane awesomeness of the versus mode. Playing as a boss zombie really mixes things up perfectly and it is incredibly satisfying to succesfully mess up a teams tactics and leave them helpless and dying/dead. There are currently only 2 campaigns available for versus, while they are absolutely incredible and satisfying, an extra 1 or 2 campaigns would just be mindblowing.

My hands are still shaking from the finale of Blood Harvest I have just played. After defending the farm-house, we were beaten up and pretty bloodied. Our team was running to the escape vehicle when we all got vomited on, all of us at this point were nearly dead, and out of nowhere, a tank. Long story short, I just managed to kill him, but the others were not so lucky, and there was me, limping pain-stakingly slowly to the APC, shooting off mass hordes of zombies with my auto-shotgun. I took one step inside the vehicle and saw 2 hunters pounce at me, luckily, the APC had already started moving and I was safe.

To summarise what I am trying to get across, this is the best game on the Xbox 360, and in my opinion, Valve's best video-game to date.

My review score 98/100 (2 percent will be added when DLC is released.)
Uhh.. It's the best game because it is to you and... we frankly don't give a shit?
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Portal is purely and solely made for people to kill time. I could be wrong you know.

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Despite the fact of being runned down by PS3 in many aspects and eventually all, they still persist on working on the same console with extra features hoping to get a couple of bucks off the majority of already owned 360 owners and the soon-to-be ones. I find it amusing, despite the fact that games for 360 can't exceed 9GB of data, game developers still develop for it, just for money. Basically, their top priority is money thus slowing down advancement in technology and ideas.

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@Mikemcn said:
" Seeing as it is free, everyone should at least try it i suppose, but im nervous, Is it the kind of game that only truly hardcore players would enjoy?
I've never played any of the other games in the series and i assume COD4 is alot different then this. Also i hope i dont have to join the marines if i play this.... "
Exactley the example of someone not using their brain. Just another brainwashed human being that may eventually serve as a tool for the military.
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From what i'm reading, what the fuck is the point of saving her then? They must be lazy to add another character or simply too cheap. Can't believe this bullshit zeitgeist'd game is selling so well. I'm guessing the gameplay is somewhat enjoyable.