I just got my first raise! What should I spend all this money on?

I've been a part of the labor force for about 10 months now, and I just received my first raise earlier this week. It was a pretty significant one. Now after the chunk I'm putting into savings and taking care of rent and the necessities, I've got a bit more disposable income than before. Suddenly, a number of things on my wishlist are within reach, but I'm not sure what to prioritize.

The options I've come up with are:

  • Television- I still don't have a television, five years after graduating from high school and going off to college, which means I don't have a good way of getting cable or a dedicated screen for my Xbox. However this might not be the best option until I've taken care of this next one.
  • Couch- I've been living on my own without any roommates for a couple of months, but I haven't gotten around to getting a couch yet. Having somewhere to sit if I have company might be nice.
  • Speakers for my PC- I also have never gotten a pair of proper speakers for my computer. I'm always using headphones. That's fine when I'm within six feet of my desk, but if I want to lie in bed and listen to music, or play Dance Central I don't really have any good options. I've had my eye on the B&W MM-1s for a while. Maybe now is the time.
  • Nicer violin - I've been fiddling around with the same high-school-student-level violin (~$300) for about eight years now and I've played since I was in fourth grade. I'm more than ready for an upgrade. A decent violin would probably run me around $2000.
  • PS VITA - I have never owned any PlayStation product, so a Vita would allow me to play a number of games I never could before, not the least of which are the Persona games. I also really want to play Sound Shapes.
  • Burr grinder for coffee - Will Smith swears by them, and freshly ground coffee would be a nice luxury on early mornings.
  • A Blu-Ray player and some Blu-Rays - Because not everything is on Netflix.

Obviously these options have wildly different price tags. Some of them will take a month or two of saving before I'm comfortable dropping that sort of change. Something like the burr grinder I could order most any time, though it would delay the other things on the list a bit. Any thoughts? If you had some disposable income, what would you spend it on?


Whiskey Media has changed how I look at web design.

These days, I spend the vast majority of my web browsing time either on Whiskey Media sites or reading web comics. Just today, however, I was reading a review of a mouse on CNET. I read a couple of paragraphs and then came across something odd. A next page button. I'd spent so much time on Whiskey Media sites that I'd forgotten how the rest of the internet formats articles.  
Now I know that most other sites design their pages that way to increase page views so that ad revenue goes up. I've known that for a long time now. Still, it made me think, "What, they can't fit this all one page? It's the fucking internet! If something's long you just scroll down! Wikipedia articles don't have next page buttons. Giant Bomb reviews don't have next page buttons." It's something that wouldn't have bothered me a couple of years ago, but Whiskey Media has spoiled me. They don't let old conventions keep them from pushing onwards toward a better internet, and I appreciate that. It's like Dave Snider told me at the block party, you either design for five years ago or the future, and Whiskey Media chose the future.