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     Why not continue selling things like T-shirts and merchandise and putting up Ads instead of creating new features on the site that the majority of users won't be aloud to use? The whole idea sounds rather dumb, I like the whiskey sites, but they don't release nearly enough content to warrant a subscription. Back when the P4 ER was going on, they had well over an hour worth of content a day on GB alone, but now its more like 30 minutes of quick looks and TANG (both of which are things I only sometimes watch). Then theres sites like screened and tested which definitely need more staff, those sites deliver great stuff and I wanna see more but Alex Navarro/Matt Rorie and Will Smith/Norman Chan already do a great amount of work so its hard to ask something more from them. 
   I don't see why whiskey media doesn't just hire a few more dudes on these sites. GB could easily get 2 more dudes to help them out, some people are gonna complain and say ''NO ITS NOT THE SAME ONLY JEFF, RYAN, VINNY, AND BRAD ARE SPECIAL!!111'' but I don't understand them, I feel like this site is only lacking in terms of videos/articles so why not get more people to help out. Fucking annoys me how this site has such a great community driven aspect but the content has not evolved one bit, and has downgraded in a sense. I want more video reviews from this site! What happened to them? Oh ya, I forgot there isn't enough people that can create them :(

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@Tactical_Kill: sc2 doesn't have lan though, but it is one of the best games I've played in awhile from just checking out the beta. Alien swarm is also a good recommendation.
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alien swarm

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@Toxin066 said:
" Who needs a gym? I run, do push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and chin ups without the place.  I guess what I'm saying is, I don't. "
This. Gyms are pointless if you have a good workout.
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Day 1 purchase for me. The beta was superb, except for the annoying server issues/lag but that's expected in every beta.

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Lool, I actually had a feeling it would be that before I copy+pasted the link.

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Is this guy gonna replace bobby kotick?

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@ISuperGamerI: From looking at the images, it looks like Turn-based strategy.