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You know, I was pretty okay with the idea of the WWF trivia game as an Unplugged..

..and then you sampled some questions and that idea immediately went down the drain.

I wish I still had my big Jurassic Park board game. I'd send that in.

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@patrickklepek In that 30 seconds outside, did you get into a car? If so, check under the seat. If not and you were only standing during that trip, then it has to be inside the house. Don't give up hope!

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Alex - "'s funny for the first 5 mins and then it's just us saying fuck over and over.."

Yea.. Exactly.. Put that shit up as premium content! lol You guys are hilarious when you are frustrated.

That robot instruction game, whatever it was called, was listening to Vinny yell at a computer saying the same stuff over and over for like 2 hours and getting to watch the human spirit crumble. Was one of the funniest things I've ever watched.

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@tajasaurus: You can just hear his defensiveness creeping up. Jeff is so right haha

Also, the Assassin's Creed thing is funny. All the reasons around that which Jeff suggest is exactly why I will believe they have nerfed the PS4 version for whatever reason. "The guy clearly didn't know what he could say and not say.." EXACTLY! Obviously they don't want someone to say that crap. Dude probably got reamed out for letting that slip.

Is it a big deal technically? Not really? But it sure as hell is important because this is the kind of dumb shady crap that companies do for whatever reason. If the Xbox One can't keep up with the PS4, whatever the tiny margin is, that is Microsoft's fault. Don't punish the consumers.

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@jeff I don't think I saw anything mentioned about a damage model in the QL or here. Is there one? Is it any good?

Also would've been interesting to note that the great looking rain weather is not in at the time of launch? Saw someone mention it's expected in December hopefully? All news too me.

Waiting on the PS+ version but so far it's not looking like I'll buy this.

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This is a cool idea.

Everyone (except host I guess) just needs to get some okay mics and get the quality up to reasonable level.

Monday is nice because nothing ever goes up on Monday.. but I'd also be curious to hear community members reflect on the main bombcast and argue/agree with stuff so maybe Wednesday or Thursday?

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Not sure why people think this new cutscene stuff is over the top.

The stuff in the later games is equally as insane, if not more, and totally bad ass. The dude becomes unbelievably awesome in 4.

Also, completely awesome if what Dan says about that Versus movie is right because I have that movie, for whatever reason, and I had no idea about those facts.

Edit: And Bradacon is fitting since he is the Anime Editor

Edit 2: The hairs on my arms stood up and I got goosebumps listening to Brad describe what it was like when that trailer was shown. Those are the game convention moments you live for. Similar to the E3 PS4 showing with everyone cheering.

Edit 3: Kinda sucks that Drew has been spoiled a bit by seeing all these characters and events happening. Too much IMO.

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I've been up to 7 AM the last few days playing Wasteland 2. Finally beat it, Steam shows about 70 hours on the clock.

Game was awesome.