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I've watched at least 10 videos, many of them multiple times trying to get this quest. I passed 5 somewhere around the 1,880 mark of users, so I'm disappointed that I didn't get it in time. It may just be due to my shoddy internet connection occasionally cutting out during a video, but that really shouldn't make any effect  if I refreshed and watched again (Which I have done). If you could retro-actively award it that would be great, but as there's no real proof I'm not expecting it. I have a suggestion though: Add a "Get Quest Points" button at the end of videos so that no bugs are possible.

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Gah, I watched like 80 videos last night, and I saw the counter at 1,997 and watched yet ANOTHER one, but it still didn't register, so no bonus EXP for me.

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Thanks for everything! I'm sad to see the first Community Quest I've participated in has failed, but such is life.

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If they made it "Write 5 Questions" I'm sure we would have hit 3,000 within 3 days. But the way it is...

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I only made 1 stupid question from my 20. Just finished. I was #1,027

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I'm guessing that the reason not as many people have completed this as expected would be because of the annoying task of making 20 questions. I stopped at 9 because I really couldn't be f***ed... But count on me to complete it in the next 3 hours :P

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Well to be fair, some anime is just "Holy crap, what the hell was that?!" but most is quite understandable imo.

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(Said by a kid to his mother)
"How the crap did you get out the kitchen woman?"
I can't remember what game it's from, but it was said in the funniest voice ever.
Or possibly "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs randomly battle you" from MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1.

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I think that the obvious way to prove that anime is mainly targetting adults (or at least teenagers)  is to show a 7 year old an episode of any anime, and ask him/her what the plot was afterwards. They'll have no idea.

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In order of how good I am at it:
Lying, Being epic at practically all videogames, High intelligence, Being intuitive with jokes and a great improvisor, Sports and having no life.

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