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Keep at it, you got this, Brad.


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Great first episode and the intro music is just fine.

Also really huge surprise that you guys did not manage to keep it 60 to 90 minutes in length. It's okay like this anyway.

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Guess I know what I'll play after I'm done with The Witcher 3. Looks pretty damn good.

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Best opening to any UPF. Evil Brad to rule as all!

Also I thought that circle game was oddly engaging, plus it's always nice to see Danny.

And I sure hope Jason will actually do a Bombastica of God Hand. Love that game.

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Happy to finally see Breaking Brad make a return, since I've really missed a Brad centred premium feature.

Honestly don't think the first boss is that tough, took me 5 or 6 tries to kill him, but oh well, I'm already wondering how Brad'll do on the last boss.

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The QL was fun, but man do I never want to play that game.

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Still don't think Rosberg that did on purpose last year, but oh well. Also please don't remind me of Iron Man 2.

Love Monaco, so I'm really excited for the race already.

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The animation looks like something out of a stop motion film, which I find weirdly charming.

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This is great news.

I've been waiting for a while for the Beast to finally produce it's own podcast, especially since according to Alex' twitter it's going to be full of guttural noises and sobbing, which I totally dig.

Also are there any plans to maybe skype in one of the guys from the SF office as a guest from time to time?

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Oh Bad Brad, you may have great hair (he actually does) but the platinum trophies shall elude you forever...

Also always nice to have Pope on.