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Finally got around to making my GotY list for this year.

Might write something up on Talos Principle later, but I have a tendency to be lazy and still need to sort my thoughts on that game.

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One of you duders want to do me a solid and put a santa hat on my normal avatar?

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Been meaning to, I've just been lazy since finals ended. I think I'll just use my old avatar for the duration since I have one with a Santa hat already.

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@assinass: Oh God, yeah, that thing was just screaming and running right at me, got my heart racing for a sec.

Hopefully I just hit a wall and will be able to get through more tomorrow.

That's what happened to me on a couple levels, then after sleeping I had an epiphany concerning the levels and I ended up beating it yesterday.

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I bought this game a month ago based solely on the quick look and the demo. I have to say that I do not regret that decision at all. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it and am hitting the point in the game were I just can not see how to solve some of the puzzles.

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Darksiders 3 and Vagrant Story 2. I'd be happy with those.

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Oh, I hadn't even considered the fact that this means the game comes out between semesters and I will actually have time to play it. So, even more reason for me to not be upset about this delay.

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Of all developers, I think I trust CD Projekt RED the most, so I have no issue with this delay.

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When traversing a game world and you come to stairs, I really appreciate when the character modifies their stride realistically.