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I feel like XV is becoming a more and more important game for the AAA Japanese console market, so much focus from the traditional AAA Japanese devs and pubs players seems to be shifting to their burgeoning mobile market. XV seems to be one of the few notable major titles from any of them in the near future. I feel like XV doesn't do well financially, that the flight to mobile could accelerate.

Oh gawd. We're all doomed.



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Part of me feels this isn't necessarily a good thing. FFXII had a change in director mid-development, and while I didn't hate that game, by all appearances it suffered for it.

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Forza Horizon 2 is one of those games that I will eventually buy an XONE for. I loved the first game, glad to hear that the second seems to keep that feel.

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I still want one of those shirts.

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The Artist 4/5

Watched it in my film class this past week. A silent film made in 2011, and surprisingly good.

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5, and I don't care to remember any more than that

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Working the chow hall in boot camp on MCRD San Diego.

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I will probably never play this game because just reading this article brings back painful memories, but I am glad it exists.

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@bargainben: Never once did I imply that I want to stifle dissenting opinions or "things I don't agree with." If you read into my words that way, maybe I should have been more clear. The first amendment and the rights it protects are one of the most precious things to me. This blog post is me exercising my freedom of speech, it came about because I have far too often seen so called professionals dismiss reasonable criticism or questions with character assassination and ad hominems. I am not saying the whole internet has to change, I am merely suggesting that it might be better if it did. If you disagree with that sentiment, I am willing to hear your arguments for your position.

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I don't understand all the GamerGate people who cry about "I'M NOT A MISOGYNIST STOP CALLING ME THAT! YOU'RE CALLING ALL WHITE GAMERS HOMOPHOBIC MISOGYNISTS" Because, well, I identify as a gamer I guess, and when I hear people saying that I just know they aren't talking about me because I know I'm none of those things. I can't help but think the loudest voices insisting that they are not misogynists might feel differently deep down in their secret heart.

For me, it probably stems from my time in the Marine Corps, though it really shouldn't. While I was stationed in Okinawa there were a couple of sexual assaults apparently conducted by US servicemen. Given the way the Marine Corps and the maybe even the military in general addresses these actions, the whole is punished for the actions of the one; restrictions on movement, curfew, and a whole slew of other things were enacted on myself and my fellow Marines because of the actions of someone I had never met. That is only one example, and for ten years I was inundated with this policy and the idea that an attack on one is an attack on all. Now that connection should have gone away once I got out, but ten years of experience concerning something is a hard thing to break. Is it acceptable? Probably not, and I do try to stop myself from thinking that way.

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@sgtsphynx: climb under this rock with me. It's great. I have no idea what your talking about. Ahhhh, sweet blissful apathy

I wish I could.

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"Apologize for being so mean to gamers!"

"And also, stop being so sensitive about everything, jeez..."

I readily admit that my wanting an apology is based on hyperbole and misperception, I realize that now. I still hold that people shouldn't be so readily offended.