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Was trying to find an old topic that I had posted in because there was a useful link and every time I clicked on either the page number or on the arrow, it just reloaded the first page while the url showed that it was supposed to be the corresponding page that I had clicked on. Tried clearing my cache but that didn't work. Not a huge issue, but a minor annoyance.

Win 8.1 64 bit

Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m

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@video_game_king: That's what I figured, but it's a well done and convinving photoshop, so bravo

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Did you photshop that or is Kenjo actually in that shot?

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@hailinel said:

Actually, speaking of all of these fantasy novel series, I want to see HBO's take on Xanth. Those books got so exceedingly stupid once the author stopped putting effort into plot and more effort into anthropomorphizing puns and making panty jokes. (What, you didn't think Japan had a monopoly, did you?) I don't even imagine that it would be a particularly good series or even really care about the quality. I just want HBO to make it so I could marvel the attempt to film those dumb, dumb books.

I loved reading those books when I was in high school, mainly the first series of them though.

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@splodge said:

I would love to see the following (this is pure fantasy)

The animation and production team behind the nickleodeon Avatar series and the team behind Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood hired by HBO to make a ten series run of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It would be certified R obviously, because of the gore factor. It is the only way. The only way.

I would actually watch tv again were this actually a show.

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@alex My memory is a little fuzzy but as far as Blubeard goes, he's the one fable that made it out of their world with his wealth intact, so a good amount of what Fabletown has become is thanks to him. He's also a supposedly reformed serial killer who killed his wives via beheading. Also, he wants to be Fabletowns mayor in place of Old King Cole who hasn't shown up in the games (not sure if he even will.) Ichabod is merely the Deputy Mayor who actually does the day to day running of Fabletown.

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@alex said:

(including a particularly satisfying clocking of Georgie in this episode)

The only bit of violence I didn't feel bad about afterwards. I tore Grendels arm off and felt super bad about it, but I forgot which save file it was on and that ended up being the file I ended up using going forth. I play Bigby as though he were me, which oddly enough ends up being that he is trying to be a nice guy while barely containing the rage that is obviously boiling underneath his facade.

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That's cool, if it is a spoiler to post what her disability actually is, then by all means, don't spoil it. It is enough to know she actually has a disability, even if it is not readily evident and is potentially disappointing. I shall wait until the game (and this feature) sees fit to reveal it.