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Gonna be attending my summer classes and doing homework while occasionally partaking of other GB content.

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@tobbrobb: I might still have my Witcher 2 save, but I doubt it.

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@tobbrobb said:

Witcher 1: Sided with the order up until they wanted to do some real nasty shit in chapter 5, went neutral for the rest.

Witcher 2: Roche side, killed Henselt, saved Triss and Let Letho live.

This is almost exactly what my choices were.

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That second option sums my stance up pretty well, though I really don't care for interlacing.

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It's not loading for me either. I wouldn't mind except that the space chat should be takes up almost half of the screen and I can't resize it.

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@mb said:

PC since I don't own consoles anymore and probably never will again.

I don't know that I will never own a console again, but this is pretty much the case for me.

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If it is an option to get through a game with zero kills, I will always do pacifist runs. But if I am required to kill even one person, I don't even bother trying to do a pacifist run.

Aside from that, I tend to force myself to make decisions as my character would and not take the way the game will reward decisions into account. Case in point, when playing Mass Effect 2 and doing a paragon run, I wouldn't take renegade actions.

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@alex said they are taking a short break because they did two back to back or something like that.