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5'10" 150 lbs. Man, Capcom really needs to update the weights for the Street Fighter characters, Ryu isn't even the worst offender.

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That Simon Parkin article was a damn good read.

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That video about blood types was rather interesting, I always wondered why that was included.

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Honestly a difficult choice for me.

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Hanako's bad ending may make you feel like shit, but Kenji's is just bad.

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As least you are zooming through the worst ending in the game so we can get to Rin.

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@irvandus: Yeah, that's another one of those things I'm thinking of. It really doesn't have any reason to be there, but I'm it is.

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I'm playing through Dragon Quest VIII again and I was reminded of how much I like it when developers make characters moving throughout the three dimensional game world correctly interact with that game world. In DQVIII, whenever Hero is climbing on a ladder, he grabs and steps on every single rung. I also remember in Ni no Kuni when Oliver runs down stairs, he changes the way he runs in a realistic fashion. Small little touches like that just make me like a game more for some reason.

Also, I fucking love the DQVIII overworld theme.

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@htr10 said:

Seriously though, how the hell does this happen?

I too am curious how that is up already on GameSpot before it is slated to appear on Giant Bomb