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That was an excellent series she did, sad to see that is the last one. Best of luck to her in her future endeavors.

*crosses fingers hoping this is ending cos she's the new hire*

Unlikely, but I'd be ecstatic if it's true.

I would also be ecstatic if it were true.

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I only vote for them continuing if they stop doing 50 turns.

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Extremely rarely, but that is mainly due to me almost always watching videos "embiggened" which doesn't leave much real estate at the bottom for scrolling through comments.

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Kenya beans in a French Press is how I make coffee.

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I really only care about diversity when it comes to creators. Any other aspect and I couldn't give less of a fuck. I only care about the creators because diverse backgrounds potentially give rise to diverse ideas/stories/plots/executions. Sameness is boring, and superficial changes just aren't enough to grab or hold my attention. Fresh takes on old and tired ideas are always interesting to me and very easily hold my attention. It isn't said for no reason that variety is the spice of life. I want creators to be diverse because they can (theoretically) tell me stories I haven't experienced 100 million times already.

What I don't like are characters shoehorned into stories when the original idea didn't have them. That being said, by all means, if the gender, race, or sexuality of a character isn't integral to the portrayal of that character and is easily swapped to some other value, go right ahead.

Actually, all I think I really want is subtlety, and I think we need new creators to accomplish that because it appears the vast majority seem to think subtlety in characterization means hitting the player over the head with it constantly throughout the game.

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Oh cool, I loved SpaceChem. I also got every achievement.

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Why wouldn't you want to have a black box that looks like you can launch missiles with it? That isn't a waste of money.

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