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That word that you just like the way it sounds. I think I came across mine today while doing research for a paper on a piece of art, and it is a name.

Hieronymus Cock

First of all, I think Hieronymus is an awesome name all by itself, but the dude having a last name of Cock brings a smile to my face.

Maybe I'm just not as mature as I think I am.

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I feel you on the way open world games feel empty once you finish the story missions. I felt super sad when I finished Sleepy Dogs because I had nothing worthwhile left to do. It felt empty; all Wei Shen's friends are dead, and there aren't any cop missions. So I ended up taking Wei to the original safe house had him go to sleep and turned off the game and then I uninstalled it.

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Looks like a game I would enjoy, but I cannot see the name without thinking of this.

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@matatat: I don't know man. I mean I feel you on the sharks, but they can only attack you in the water; birds can hit you anywhere.

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Other: I won't be playing any games until the semester ends in December.

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The sun is setting.

I remember too much about that movie even though I haven't seen it in 20-something years.

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I found the smoking gun for the current theory of it being played around BioForge and not being archived. Comments under the first BioForge feature:

SgtSphyxs says

Aww, they didn't archive Die by the Sword?

That was long enough ago that I honestly don't remember it or posting that.

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I found both endings to Saints Row the Third to be satisfying.

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Not sure why, but whenever I am given the option in a game, I always play as a male dwarf warrior.

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This reminds me that I need to run SRIV on my new pc, played it on my laptop and it kinda struggled there. Anyway, playing as Kinzie sounds cool