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@video_game_king: Hence the qualifiers. most and usually, which make me look a coward.

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@slag said:


For me It's all about taking a large problem and making it into a series smaller more manageable one.

That's the way to solve most problems that seem impossible. Break the problem into it's constituent parts, then when each part is solved and put back into one whole, the original problem is usually solved or takes only a little effort to do so.

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@smcn: I used the flowchart as well. I don't remember being able to get the worst ending after picking that option, but that doesn't mean much all things considered.

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Friend have you ever heard of a show called M.D Giest?

Holy shit! Fucking nostalgia bomb right there. Read that name and immediately thought of the knight-armor-mech-suit-whatever it was.

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My last name is apparently Irish in origin: Burke

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With the infinitely more interesting option, of course!

Thank God, though you'll undoubtedly figure out some way to bring about the worst ending.

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I think he just needed a break from all the traveling. Still, glad he's got a job again, hopefully we'll still see him from time to time on Giant Bomb.

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And the feeling has passed, though I decided to play some old games I've already beaten.

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Akira is another classic that is the poster child of "anime for people who don't like anime." I would also recommend an anthology film such as Memories, Neo Tokyo, or Robot Carnival.

I have seen very few people mention Robot Carnival ever, and you are the only other person I have seen mention it that seems to like it.

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That was one fucking hell of a live stream.