We Love You Ryan Davis

I've never really felt bad when I've heard of a celebrity death, when Steve Jobs died a few years ago so many people felt they had lost a family member. As influential as Jobs was I didn't feel that same feeling.

When I saw the heading line of Ryan Davis my whole body went numb, at first I honestly thought it was a joke, but I remembered no one jokes about death. I was honestly shocked by the news, it really couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and shortly after he just got married as well.

I personally never met Ryan, but I've been a member of Giant Bomb since day one and have listened to every Bombcast and watched every Quick Look, and after these past 5 years Ryan and the whole gang have been such an important part of my life and I don't think I truly realized it until now. I'm going to miss hearing "Hey everybody it's Tuuuesday" every week and reading his snarky comments on Twitter.

But, in his death, I have realized just how much of an impact Ryan made on everybody's life's. Reading all the tweets from his close friends and family as well as seeing him on the front page of Reddit being remembered by people he never even met. Plus the fact that he got to see all of his buddies at his wedding just days before he passed can't have been bad, when my Uncle died of cancer a few years ago he had a big party with his friends and family to see them all one last time, it was sad because of the Elephant in the room, everyone knew it was the last time they would see him. And even though I wasn't there I'm sure his wedding was amazing and a great way to see all of your friends one last time without knowing it would be the last time. When I die I would feel lucky to say goodbye to everyone on my own terms as well as influence thousands of people across the globe who I've never met.

Ryan Davis, I never personally met you, but I feel like I know you incredibly well, and hearing this sad news was just like hearing news of a death in my own family. Giant Bomb will be the same without you and we will forever miss you, we love you Ryan Davis.


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Love you, Ryan :(

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Still in shock. Love you man

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Love you Ryan.

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I have no words. Just incredibly sad feelings. :(

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Much love, Ryan.

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Giant Bomb won't ever be the same. He'll truly be missed.

I love you, Ryan Davis.

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Yes, is strange even if I never knew him, I fell like a lost someone really close to me today.. I guess that´s a good thing, and says a lot about what kind of person he was.. We love you Ryan.

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Tuesdays will never be the same

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Ryan Davis had the kind of personality that could always make my day better. Be it quick looks or the podcast I looked forward to his humor and his laugh. As a fan and a friend you've never met, you will always have my love, Ryan.

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Feel the same way, have broken into tears half a dozen times today thinking about Ryan and how he's gone forever.

Ryan and Jeff are my favorite duo on the internet by far, and the entire Giantbomb team seems more like family than people on a website.

Farewell, Ryan, hopefully your next adventure will be even better.

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Love you Ryan

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A whole lotta love from me too.