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Hmm, I'd love the see the opinion of Raiden from the perspective of a new player who hasn't played MGS1....  
.....Yeah, They'll probably hate him too.

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Patrick, You've just become my favourite member of the GB crew.  
Playing through L.A noire, I feel exactly the same way. I just feel Team Bondi should have taken this one step further, Or at least given us the option to go one step further. You're told whether you go a question right or wrong, You're told whether or not you should keep looking for evidence, You're told if you've done all you can at a particular location. I understand that in order for this to be a viable game it needs this, I just want an option to essentially change the game and remove that.

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Facebook game. I'm calling it now.

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I imagine this is Jeff in a small room wth no windows, A Netbook, a microphone (You know those old styled elvis era microphones) and surrounded by stacks of paper constanstly being spat out by a whole in the wall.

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Say what you will, the COD games are always entertaining. Yeah it's pretty much the same thing every year now and i'll jump on the bandwagon and say i'm bored of COD and won't buy it, But i always end up playing it. And enjoying it.

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@OutOfBounds9000 said:
" @FluxWaveZ said:
" @iam3green said:
" @FluxWaveZ:  are you sure his not dead? i thought they said that his dead because manson was seeing him. "
From some of those computer entries, I believe his death is left ambiguous and he will be revealed as alive, Price style, in a future Treyarch sequel.  
NO! Reznov will never be alive because he is dead. You can see in the intro of the 3rd mission after Vorkuta, that a while after Mason left enemies surround him and shoot him to death. Because of the russians brainwashing, Reznov is a part of Mason's mind. "
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I hope they do Co-op. No matter how bad a game is, i'd buy it if it had co-op.  
There's always a good time to be had when it comes to co-op. 

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@extremeradical said:
" @TimFReilly said:
" DLC as "Buy the Ending" strikes again? "
Apparently so. "
The game had a ending. If you don't buy this DLC it'll still be there.
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Castlevania is easily my game of the year (haven't played AC or COD yet) and this will defo be a day one buy for me.  

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Easily Flatline. 
Something about being in a rehab facility makes me feel so at home.

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