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there is a kickstarter right now that is about sound levitation, says someone might be able to apply it to move heavy things. Vinny's future is real

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I know i'm late to the party on this, and to be honest, I'm against the obvious things to be against. but i found these 2 articles to be very informative on this shit thats happening. Both very level headed articles, pretty much explain what the Gamergate thing was supposed to be, before it was hijacked by crazy people.

@patrickklepek I'm sure you have seen these but linking them none the less.

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i killed them both, after i saw kenny murder Jane, I was done with the episode, and i was so pissed i just shot kenny outright.

I hated this season.

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yeah, that spooking with scoops scared the shit out of me, most creepy thing i've ever seen out of a video game.

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I watched the black vs white video, pretty cool that you have that listed here, I never really thought there weren't any black dudes in game journalism, i just assumed there probably was.... Just not that many, since i hadn't seen much.

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I had a weird... "bug?" Becca mentions Alvin in a few parts in episode 4 as if Alvin made it past episode 2, which for my game he didn't.

anyone else have this happen? made episode 4 make even less sense.

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I have OCD but its not a keeping things clean thing, I tend to have more obsessive thoughts than anything else. and video games help distract me from thinking.

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Crispy looks nothing like i thought.

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i'd like to comment before this thread is closed. I have OCD and i obsess about many things; I first came to this site because it was super funny, the first video i watched was the "New Super Mario bros quicklook," and the staff were super knowledgeable about video games and watched the Deadly Premonition endurance run it was a really really nice distraction from obsessive worrying about things going on in the world and things going on or not going on in my life. I was super depressed, and i didn't go outside at all, besides going to the job i eventually had. Watching the videos and having this distraction really really helped me, helped me relax, something i found extremely difficult to do, besides playing video games, but some days i was just too down to even play those.

Right now i'm doing pretty ok, i'm a 31 year old dude, and i wanted my life to mean something more, I think many people in their 30s start thinking about this. So instead of waxing poetic on the internet in some stupid discussion about nothing that didn't help anything. I went out and i did something about it I started volunteering at habitat for humanity, I became really involved in my parishes youth group, then young adult group, then went on to more social issues and started volunteering with a Social Justice group, I helped set up an event on Human Trafficking, where we had a victim speak about what it was like. I was the go-to guy on Human Trafficking information, I even went to a Civil Rights conference about it in 2012. I'm still in this group, and when i want to go change the world, i go to that. I also started volunteering at a homeless shelter, which i later got a job at....

my point is, this site is a site about video games, and sometimes when people feel like they need to do something with their lives to help society there are places out there where they can do this effectively, and with the right audience. This site however is not the place (depends on what social issue), I think people on here are mad because some staff and some guests are using their position to talk about social issues, on a platform (this website) that is more suited to bullshitting about video games, and the industry.

I think social issues are something really good to get involved with, this site however, is not the right platform; but there are platforms available, and no one will hold it against you.

that said, I applaud @patrickklepek for going out there so young, and trying to do something. Just hopes he keeps it a safe distance from the site, depending on the audience. Or maybe when having a social justice article related to video games title it with something that has a forward saying it may be controversial, so that people looking for funny bullshit about video games avoid it.

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