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Palm Harbor, FL, USA

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Oh, wow. Where have I been? Transistor is out this month? I'm definitely adding that to my list.

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Excellent work!

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I've been wondering about Cities in Motion 2, after the Sim City debacle. I'll take that, if you please.

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Nothing new for me. I've been having some success digging through my extensive backlog, so I'll probably keep doing that.

  • On part 4 of the Back to the Future game. I'll finish that in the next couple of days. After that, I'm going to finish Walking Dead. (I think I'm on day 3)
  • Recently bought Dynasty Warriors 8 XL to play with my fiancee.
  • We're also making our way through Final Fantasy X HD, on our way to Final Fantasy X-2 HD. I've finished the first one before, but I want to do all the "new" stuff. I'm looking forward to X-2, since I didn't get very far with that one the first time.
  • Hoping to get some more regular time with Heroes of the Storm.
  • Just got Shadowrun on a Steam sale, so I'll be starting that, at some point.
  • I might start Infamous this month, too. (Yeah, the first one. I haven't had a PS3 for long.)
  • Hearthstone. Duh.

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Portal 2, for me. It's always fun to relive and, after a year or so, I've forgotten just enough about the puzzle solutions to feel a sense of accomplishment solving them again.

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I just wanted to say I thought this was a great article. It remind me of something I read on the Internet. (I've since lost the link.) The angry minority can feel like the majority, because happy and content people don't feel the need to comment.

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What a fantastic tribute. Your message says exactly how I feel, too. Thanks.

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How horrible. All the good ones go too soon. RIP

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In case anybody else has this problem, this is how i fixed in. In my Catalyst Control Center, I went under Gaming -> 3D Application Settings. There's a setting for Mipmap Detail Level that was all the way down. I turned it all the way up. PROBLEM SOLVED!

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