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CoD is going to reach the point of oversaturation.  We have seen Activision do it, we have seen EA do it. CoD has went from a game that I personally felt was great, but has turned into a FPS-for the masses.  Activision has found their niche, and it is making that game....and it makes a lot of money.  We all know that Halo, Battlefield, etc, are more skilled and in depth games, but they have higher learning curves and are not games you will do well with if you just jump in occasionally and play. 
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Welcome to GB, Patrick. 
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Can you not block when someone is using X-Factor?
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I think people just need to understand that Scott Bromley is a bullshitter.  I would be surprised if 1/10th of the shit he says is true.  He thinks that the jock, middle-school humor is great, but it gets old fast.   
The real joke is that he thinks that he is actually funny.
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@jaycee13 said:
" @jadeskye: There is no arcade version of SSF4. There may be a cabinet with an xbox/ps3 inside and SSF4 running though. I believe there are 2 SF4 cabinets in London one at "Funland" in Westminster and another in the "Leisure casino centre" in Camden. "
I played on a cab like that.  It was like a dollar for 7 minutes of play or $2 for 15 minutes.  My friend and I burned it up and then realized we were paying to do something we do for free.  It was still a blast though and it would have been great if others would have been there to play. 
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Just play.  Who cares if anyone says anything.  In the long run, it is a video game.  If someone really thinks that they are superior to anyone for being better at SF than you, more power to them.  Just go, have fun, and play and learn.  

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@mubress said:
" Nope. You'll suck ballz if you haven't played it before though. Which is like any other game really.   You can play fine with a pad. "
Yep.  There are plenty of pad players that are good.  They just put the time in training mode to become good with the pad. 
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More Bioshock? Yes plz!

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@me3639 said:
" @Djeffers03 said:
" There are doctors in Fallout 3? "
Exactly what i said to myself when i saw the post.  The only doctor with any somewhat importance was in Rivet City that i recall. "
What about the Doctor in Megaton?  He has a ton of supplies! 
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@Pessh said:
" Total bs, retarded numbers, no credit. Chun at the top? Rufus ninth? Was probably put together by Japanese version of DSP. "