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When I launch the game from the Wii U menu it goes to first splash screen and just loops the music over and over without ever loading the game. Controllers become non-responsive and I end up just having to cold reboot the system. Has anyone else had this issue with this or other games? How can we fix it?

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Hey Idk if people will be jumping back into this, since it's the XBL free game for the first half of November 2013, but if you do please send me collectibles at "sikapwach" thanks!

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Isn't a season pass purchase just a pre-order for the GOTY Edition?

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Here's my quick overview of Ni No Kuni. I love it! The game that is not my video, the video's okay.

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Forget ESPN and Berman, I want LOST. Smoke monster as a party member.

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I need someone to point out to me where in this statement they apologize, because I'm not seeing it.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: It's absolutely nothing like Borderlands, unfortunately, outside of just a post-apocalyptic type setting.

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I'd personally cut RAGE from the must play list. There's nothing particularly interesting about it and there are just better games.

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This was the exact tweet that pissed me off pretty bad. Sometimes reactions that are not based on sex (thinking leigh can be all of the above things she mentioned) get pinned as sexism.

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@Jazzycola said:

@laserbolts said:

The firehawk chain is worth it because I think you get a pretty good orange shield out of it if I can remember right.

Even quest designated loot is kind of random even when doing co-op. I got a better shotgun than my friend at the same level for the same quest reward. Also the firehawk questline is the worst questline I have done in BL2.

I'm pretty sure the final mission in the Firehawk line always gives a legendary shield.