Operation Flashpoint 2 Rants

This is my first blog, huzzahs are in order.

 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

So I rented it and I was quite disappointed with it. Unfortunately, Bohemia Interactive, the guys who made the first OF, were not a member of this. Instead Codemasters made this version. Now don't get me wrong, Codemasters makes some good games, racing games that is.
So, let's start with the... 
The A.I. squadmates. They are awfully stupid. They constantly constantly ran into objects, walls, trees, rocks, right in front of me when I am shooting (this happened way too often). The squadmates had a very difficult time finding cover and getting into cover, a lot of the time they just ran right at the enemies. Which, although funny, is annoying.  The enemies have problems as well. They are way too predictable. Shoot them once, they go prone and just start crawling away. They must not realize that crawling in an open field full of enemies, doesn't help them that much.  Also, getting the medic to heal you is nigh impossible. I frequently found myself lying (not laying, there is a grammar lesson for you.) on the ground, calling for the medic. Yet he is standing right next to me yelling "Coming!".  I never got healed by the way, I just bled out...

There are many vehicles in the game , but you will end up using maybe 4, if that. The game encourages you to not use them, which is not that fun. The main vehicle that will be used is either a Humvee or the Chinese equivalent and the occasionally APC, which is strangely easy to flip and apparently has no armor playing.
It takes absolutely forever to kill someone. I have no idea if that is realistic or not, but 7, 50. Caliber bullets to the chest seems like it would kill someone. Or 6, 3-burst M16 shots. But of course the under-trained Chinese soldier can 1-shot me at 200 meters away. This 1 shot thing becomes increasingly annoying in co-op where there are no checkpoints! This is just terrible after playing for an hour and losing all that progress. Only Demon's Souls is allowed to do that.

The graphics aren't all that spectacular either, it attempts to trick you with its motion blur. Which is enticing at first, but you will eventually realize what is going on. In addition to the A.I., you will experience glitches often, especially  online. Sometimes your gun wont reload/shoot/ or even appear in your hands. Which, is troublesome... I often found myself unable to move and one time it forced me to walk forward and I could do nothing about it.

And like many console games , they gimped the multiplayer aspect. The PC version allows 16 vs. 16, while the consoles do 4 vs. 4, but you get 3 A.I. squad-mates which are just as dumb as they are in the SP. However, the multiplayer was surprisingly action-packed and relatively fast paced.

If possible, I would highly  suggest ArmA: II over this game. Bohemia Interactive knows how to make a military simulator...Unlike Codemasters.

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