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I could go for a new Descent.

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Jeff's Macho Man is pretty good.

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I've found Spooky's streams to be way more reliable than LevelUp.

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@Mikemcn said:
" Notch sent some lawyers after an Iphone clone of the game was made. So they might be pissed about this, im sure Microsoft won't want anything to do with it soon enough, also, there isn't anything really Indie about releasing a clone game a year and a half after the exact same game was already made. 
@Zippedbinders said:

" @Soap said:

" Notch needs to sort this shit out, if Minecraft was my baby I'd be suing the fuck out of everyone of these cheap shitty knock offs "
Except for the fact that he wasn't even the first one to make that style of game. "
And infiniminer was not a game anyone would want to play.  "
I loved infiniminer and I had a friend who loved it too. I still like it better than Minecraft because it put more of an emphasis on actually getting ore.
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Man, I really hated playing against  Sentinels in MvC 2, but I can't say I'm surprised that he's back.

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@Edwardryu:  That was fucking fantastic.
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fuuuuuuuuuck yessss

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I too am interested in winning.
@PepeSilvia said:
" Wort Wort Wort! "
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I am actually kind of annoyed by this because now I have to find something for 400mspoints to get my free 800 points!

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As someone who played Gothic since the first game. I find Gothic 4 to be a huge bummer, it is a big step back in the gameplay and it ends up making the game seem very "simple".  Gothic 3 was such a great game in spite of the numerous bugs that Gothic 4 feels like a huge disappointment.