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IGN, Gamespot, Destructoid, Joystiq, Shacknews, Kotaku, CAG, and Gametrailers are ones I usually go to. Between all of them I can pretty much get as much of the news as possible. Beyond that I like reading(watching in GT's case) reviews from multiple sources.  The four game magazines I get help out with this stuff too. :D

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360 even though my PC is more than capable of playing it on the highest settings.

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New Vegas is using steamworks instead of GFWL so you will be getting steam achievements, steam cloud, etc.

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Good stuff. Moztacular did an awesome job casting and it was great to get Brad and Norm in there!

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JSRF is the best game ever.

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I plan to work on an underground city connected by a subway with some underwater buildings.

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I don't think the PS2 version of Chaos Theory in HD would look as good as the Xbox version.

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OP, you are 2 days late. No one likes late birthdays.

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I have received constant entertainment from GiantBomb since 2008. Why not support them?
I went for the yearly subscription just cuz. Ads don't bother me, the shirt is alright I guess. The medal sure is spiffy though.

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Norm and Gary near the end was my favorite part.