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Sleeper Hit 0

In an age overburden by open world games Sleeping Dogs sets itself apart with a fresh setting, a great melee combat system and a likable cast of characters. It is also fun as hell. This is a Chinese gangster movie filled with absurd moments that can only come from a open world videogame. What sets it apart is the way the protagonist, from a gameplay perspective, feels grounded to the world. He has weight therefore his punches have strength. He interacts with his environment and so does the fool ...

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A promising future 0

The Halo franchise is in good hands. 343 industries did what many thought it could not be done, make a Halo game that surpasses in many areas what Bungie created with Combat Evolved. The art style is amazing, pushing a 7 year old machine to produce incredible vistas that are accompanied by an amazing sound design. As great as it sounds I really think they played it too safe. Some different gameplay scenarios that did not involve pushing a button or shooting everything in sight would have been we...

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