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My best Ryan memories is when he sat through the Game Room quicklooks with Jeff and was utterly unable to hide the fact that he thought it was utter shit. You will be missed, buddy.

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Great article and remember: where they don't play videogames at all there is a hefty amount of nasty violence. Try large parts of Africa for confirmation of this fact. We are our own worst enemy, and will forever be, at least until an infection ala the one portrayed in The Last Of Us come to take us away. That would be fucking funny alright.

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Keep firing those guns, Navarro, for this was very worth reading. Thanks for the effort.

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If you don't feel the offence highlighted in this article, you are most likely about to murder women, tear them apart, then dress their torsos up in slutty bikinis. According to some of the comments, at least. Time to sleep. Yawn. Oh, before I go to sleep, I think more girls should rage against Rhianna. She has an impact on girls and women, Dead Island not so much. Sleep well.

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This bikini wearing torso would've garnished very little attention if someone hadn't found it in their heart to be butthurt and offended about it. Amazing, headlines and everyting.

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Excellent work, this was very entertaining indeed, so thanks for the effort.

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Insulting, Facebook, Global-Warming, the bywords of the 2000's this far. Then again, marketing is boring already, so a big fuck off to whoever tried to shock with this death-threat bullshit. Wow, a double yawn, and many cheers to Bill Hicks.

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This day, 27.11.2012, will be my "The men who suicided because of women day". And, to constantly need to point out that women need to be taken special care of, in gaming even, is like saying they are an inferior breed. Women aren't special, neither are men. There's like 7 billion of us. Let's fucking play.

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I really hope they do this campaign in Saudi-Arabia, naked whilst burning The Koran. Women this and women that, fucking play already.

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For all you guys longing for a female protagonist, and not the game, pray that you can cross-dress. Me? I'm looking forward to the game, don't have the energy, nor will, to nag it into the gutter before release.

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