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I'm usually willing to give things the benefit of the doubt, but yeah...I think this is the worst trailer I've ever seen.

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Hey, sad/depressed crew high-five! *half-hearted attempt at a high-five, followed by more moping* Oh well, we tried!

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Although I would have preferred to have "The Boss" in Divekick complete with the entire character creation system of Saint's Row.

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I kinda like Lightning as Lara Croft more than I like Lara Croft, for some reason.

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Aw man, they didn't show the sandbox thingy that comes with the pre-order! D: There's a plinko board, a giant hammer, and like 100,000 ramps and shit to crash into! It's worth the pre-order all by itself!

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is that a custom wood body for a Rock Band controller?
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So glad Gone Home got on the list! Only game on that list I really care about.

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guacamelee tastes even worse than guacamole

...and this is why I can't trust you, Slowbird. Guacamole haters can't be trusted.

To be clear, I already own Tomb Raider, DmC, Battlefield, Spelunky, Antichamber, and Guacamelee, I just haven't played them. This is the terrible thing Steam sales will do to a man.

Guacamole is not good on burgers or other things! It's a goddamn fruit and it tastes bad in combination with salty meats! Fuck avocados!

also I got DMC free and can't be bothered to play it, Tomb Raider was cheap and thank god for that, and I played the demo of Blood Dragon and didn't want to buy it afterwards. I watched someone play Spelunky and said "nope" and I hate multiplayer shooters so Battlefield is out until they bring back the Bad Company characters. Antichamber looks like a puzzle game and I hate puzzles because I am not smart enough to solve them.

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I've only played three of these but I can safely say that you don't need to play any of them, and here's a list of reasons why (and just some general nonsense that isn't true):

tomb raider has shitty stealth sequences

dmc's first level is meh

rogue legacy is for chumps who like dying a lot

metal gear rising, more like metal gear falling

antichamber: motion sickness simulator

guacamelee tastes even worse than guacamole

far cry 3 blood dragon's shooting is a real DRAG ON my mental health

battlefield 4? you could get the same experience from installing an experimental fork of linux (lots of crashes)

spelunky is just one mind-numbing death corridor after another

dead rising, more like dead falling (OH MY GOD HE USED THE SAME AWFUL JOKE TWICE WHAT AN ASSHOLE)

wolf among us, yeah i guess it's probably alright if you like shitty art design and also werewolves are stupid

remember me? nobody will remember this game

magrunner dark pulse sounds like a fucking assisted suicide facility