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Even with Crashes an Enjoyable experience 0

Plenty of 360 reviews, wanted to add a pc perspective.If you can't stand an enjoyable new game crashing occasionally, then wait and see if this game gets patched.I am not a fan of the original Prototype, I enjoyed it for a few hours then felt overwhelmed with the controls/action/and difficulty. The sequel fixes the difficulty by it's more gradual difficulty curve and by doling out new abilities in smaller more manageable chunks.If you're familiar with the original you'll know you have a plethora...

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Original Assassin's Creed is too rigid 0

This isn't the best review, as I haven't played much of the game.  The purpose of this is to encourage people to try the sequel and explain why I didn't enjoy the original.  I hope to save people a few bucks that they might spend  on the original and instead use it on a MUCH improved sequel. I was excited to get this game and got it for the holiday shortly after it came out.  I played the game for a bit but could not get into it.  However I (after getting a free demo) played the second one all t...

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