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Lady at the end of the Dr. Phil video go ROASTED

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Finding Tai was one of the most memorable parts for me. I had to set down the controller to pull myself together, no lie.

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Since I was last on Giantbomb (I've been busy with baseball and homework) I beat Gears of War 2, "beat" Fable 2, or at least the main story line, and got all but two of the acheivements on NCAA 09. Gear of War 2 is the GOTY without a doubt, feel free to argue that with me any time. Fable 2 gets my vote for the most time consuming game, and I mean that in the best way possible. NCAA 09 is just another college football game, not spectacular, but makes for lots of random gameplay.


  • Best game I have ever played.
  • I really like the cover-based tactics, the feel of controll over Marcus, and the in game weapons.
  • The visual aspect of the game was incredible, great cut scenes and large battle fields.
  • The story captured my attention sooo well, and had me near tears multiple times.
  • Horde is one of the best multiplayer features I have ever used.
  • Game overall made you feel like you were/are the shit

  • Wide open gameplay both Saturday and Sunday of last week I sat down after dinner at around seven and played till twoish in the morning.
  • Semi-shallow plot, but it kept my attention.
  • Weak, Weak ending the final boss turns out to be the Great Shard not Lucien.
  • Morale choices are hidden very well and are tricky to make, including some were you must sacrifice you're EXP points to feed starving people.
  • Hannah, one of the heros, is very annoying.
  • A game I will end up playing more than any other just because its has so much in it.

NCAA 09, I just need the Stadium Sound Achievement and the Mr. February Acheivement, and then I 'll have "beaten" a sports game. Ball State 38-1 in three years dynasty, no big deal. Any way I hope to be on alot more for Christamas Break, much love, MURPH.

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Wow, man that sucks.

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