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Genkibowl VII made me a sad panda. 0

I immediately fell in love with Saints Row: The Third upon its release. Through multiple play throughs and hours of side activities the game never really felt old to me, but I had just about done everything there was to do in the game aside from wrapping up the last few challenges, so the list of things to do was a little short. I was excited for the prospect of being able to repopulate my world with the few new activities included Genkibowl VII, unfortunately the pack left me wanting. There are...

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Most fun you can have bashing your head against a wall... 0

Let me start off by saying that Super Meat Boy is an evil fucking game.  Let me follow that up by saying it's the most fun i remember having with a game in quite some time.  SMB will make you hate yourself, you will find yourself playing the same level over and over again just trying to clear a stage.  Some will take 50 tries...but when you finally clear it it is the most satisfying feeling ever.      The plot involves Meat Boy trying to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil scient...

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