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Skate 3: Frustration, Elation and the Breaking of Bones 0

The Three Word Review: Intricate, Unforgiving, Dry    When I first decided to jump into the "Hall of Meat" challenges in Skate 3, throwing myself violently off a shipping crane in a dockyard, tucking myself into a cannon ball and landing headfirst into a T-Bar...I realized something about Skate 3, it is both fun and frustrating. The game, after finishing it, leaves a strange feeling of unfinished business and lost opportunity, especially in the single-player realm.   Intricate: Skate 3 is a game...

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An Exploding C4 of Fresh Air 0

Just Cause 2 really begins to come together after plummeting 3,000 feet from a zeppelin based strip club, releasing your parachute and then grappling onto a passing helicopter, hijacking it, and then crashing it into oncoming police cruisers at ground level. In other words, the game if outrageous and fun. Admittedly, it has some open world jank, but at its core the game is solidly built and entertaining to play. Controls tend to be easy to master, and once one learns how to grapple and release t...

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Stoked: A Tricktacular Festival of Powder 2

     While the above descriptor may seem to be a bit too glowing of a response, please let me explain why Stoked seems to be one of the better snowboarding games on the market. It really comes down to three key facets (which every extreme sports game should have) and those are gameplay, smoothness, and creativity.      On the gameplay front Stoked takes the tried and true methods of snowboarding games and puts them in the player's hands to great effect. LT and RT initiate grabs, and pushing the ...

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