Liking the new site...

Yeah. It's pretty awesome. A bit slow to load out here in Middle Of Nowhere, Manitoba, but still awesome.

Wrote a review of Rock Band, might do some more later...hope it wasn't too long. :\

And...yeah. I hate Mondays, even when they're lazy Mondays in wonderful July. Seems like I can't get anything done, but that's to be expected, I suppose. Especially seeing as I stayed up all last night to watch Dr. Horrible. I can't believe I got to it before they pulled it down. I, for one, really liked it. I thought the relationship(or lack of one) between Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day was believable, even though he's gay in real life. Joss Whedon pulled off another one, methinks.

I'm playing all sorts of things, recently. I got into Frontlines: Fuel of War, which is pretty interesting. I also recently got access to a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company, so I'll have to check that out soon. Otherwise...not much, I guess.

I'm gonna go explore the site some more, now.