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@basm321: @oldirtybearon: Haha, maybe using that hashtag put me in the wrong light. If getting a gift has any meaning to you guys other than the (hopefully nice) thought behind it, then that's the shitty part. Who cares if you get socks or something? Someone thought about you, thought that you needed socks, and went out of their way to get you socks. Come on, duders. Getting a "bad" gift is a good "problem" to have, in the grand scheme of things.

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The idea of someone thinking "this is a shitty gift" is horrifying. At least you got one?


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@erhard: If there's any server issues day one, people won't be able to play games. That's kind of a big one.

Not to mention the people who have shitty internet connections. It's not so much a thing in the city, but having previously lived in the middle of nowhere, I can definitely say that 300MB+ patches just won't be practical for some people.

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Cool, I'll jump on in a few minutes and see what's up.

Edit: Can't seem to break blocks. Could a mod set my permissions up? I'm Soylent in-game.

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Not to mention the potential ramifications for sites like Giantbomb whose entire content schedule is based around the idea of playing a video game and talking over it. This whole thing is a really slippery slope, so regardless of whether or not you agree with this move, you should be worried that Nintendo is willing to do this.

This is what we should be talking about, really. GB's content isn't really that different from that of some of these LPers, except that they're not advertising (I think?) on YouTube. Where is the line drawn between two separate instances of people talking over video game footage for money?

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@cale said:

The worst thing about all of this are the people coming out of the woodwork to espouse what is and is not a 'real' job. Utterly pathetic.

This. That discussion is far from being relevant to the actual point.

Yeah. I keep thinking of attitudes towards rock in the 50's/60's ("That's not real music!") for whatever reason.

A job is something you're being paid for. Not sure why some people have to be judgemental about it.

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Sounds a bit like Dungeon Master. Not sure if that came out for the Mac, though.

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I'm disappointed (but not surprised) that nobody's mentioned Zeus yet. It's from the same guys who did Pharaoh, and IMO it's better. It was on GOG for like $5 recently, too.

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@CaptainCody said:

You know, I can't give you sympathy for any of this. It sounds like you're struggling with your own emotions and that's a battle of your own willpower and one that you certainly don't have much to be upset about. What you have for spending money in a month is more than I have pocketed in the past 6 months while I deal with my very uncertain life thanks to horrible people. Just get over it, man, that's how you win.

That's a pretty messed-up thing to say, dude. Everyone's different, and thus deal with their emotions in different ways.

Some can't, and need professional help to do so. You can't say who can and who can't feel bad about stuff just because you might be in a shitty situation; it's like comparing apples and oranges.

@Hizang: I've been going to see a therapist for a couple of months now. The hardest part was telling myself that I needed to talk to someone, and then acting on that. So, good for you for taking the first step - I think more people would do it (and would certainly benefit from doing so) if there was less of a stigma around it. It's definitely helped me, and I hope it helps you.

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@Aegon said:

This is another method that we haven't learned in class and I think it would be pretty suspicious if I used it.

I'm a little curious here: how would it be suspicious?

Programming isn't about having memorized every answer to every single problem out there, it's about being able to go out and find an answer yourself. Unless your teacher/professor is a complete jerk, going out and finding a solution that hasn't been covered in class yet should just prove that you're eager to learn.

On-topic: a dictionary sounds like your best bet. Switch statements are fugly.