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I think the OP is kinda getting saddled with a whole lot of built-up resentment. The "fuck you pig scalper" argument might have a little more weight behind it if the OP was flipping something that was literally needed by others, but a 3DS? One that is arguably no different from a regular, run-of-the-mill 3DS one can find with ease? Flipping something like that for a profit isn't "fucking someone over", it's being smart.

I'm a university student. I'm short on cash. Would I have bought one of those anniversary PS4s a while back and sold it for way, way more than it was worth, had I been more attentive? Damn straight I would. Some people obviously thought it was still worth the money, and I like being able to pay for food, school, and housing. Would I do the same if the object in question was a necessity? Probably not, but these items aren't. Nobody is being fucked over, they're getting upset over consumer luxuries.

Don't get so riled up about the small stuff, folks. Go buy a plain 3DS if you want one, odds are it'll do the exact same thing.

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it was the patch buddy

say what you want about the content of the game, but for being online only, the Destiny launch was nearly flawless compared to every other game this year and has continues to be an extremely smooth experience.

That is definitely something that this game should be commended for given the amount of people there are playing this game.

I agree. It took me about 4 hours or so to play Hearthstone when the new expansion got released. Haven't had a problem with Destiny at all.

I disagree. I don't know why, but people seem to have forgotten about all those weird error codes Destiny was spitting out for a few days after launch. I got kicked out of the game mid-mission several times (no checkpoints saved on a 40 minute strike, yay), that's kind of a big issue.

To be fair, though, it seems like they fixed it pretty quick. Compared to other recent games that are still busted, that's something I guess.

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Yeesh, that sounds like some real gouging. It is Activision, though, and it's not like they don't have a track record of charging more pretty much everywhere (notably $100+ for a digital "limited" edition of COD, recently). That still doesn't make it okay, but it does put this into perspective.

Every time I talk about Destiny I get a little more depressed. So much promise.

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This is true if you ignore a bunch of other games and reality in general. Destiny came out for both platforms and worked as promised but never mind that.

Why have people been saying this recently? Destiny was busted following launch. Remember all those weird error codes (centipede, bluebird, a hundred others)? I couldn't get into the game for three days because the servers were janky, and even after that I kept getting dropped mid-game for like a week.

It blows my mind that Nintendo hasn't had any issues yet. They're supposed to be the ones who don't know how the internet works, right?

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Because the Smash Bros. series is basically fan service built around a decent game? The dog from Duck Hunt is a playable character now. They're playing off of nostalgia, not trying to build hype for their next big release.

Not really sure what your question is, to be honest.

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This is a private issue between two groups: the donators, and Dan himself. People are free to give out their money however they see fit, and Dan is free to accept money from them, donate said money to charity, or a little of both. Everyone else needs to have a cup of tea or something and chill, there are probably better things to argue over.

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@basm321: @oldirtybearon: Haha, maybe using that hashtag put me in the wrong light. If getting a gift has any meaning to you guys other than the (hopefully nice) thought behind it, then that's the shitty part. Who cares if you get socks or something? Someone thought about you, thought that you needed socks, and went out of their way to get you socks. Come on, duders. Getting a "bad" gift is a good "problem" to have, in the grand scheme of things.

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The idea of someone thinking "this is a shitty gift" is horrifying. At least you got one?


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@erhard: If there's any server issues day one, people won't be able to play games. That's kind of a big one.

Not to mention the people who have shitty internet connections. It's not so much a thing in the city, but having previously lived in the middle of nowhere, I can definitely say that 300MB+ patches just won't be practical for some people.

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Cool, I'll jump on in a few minutes and see what's up.

Edit: Can't seem to break blocks. Could a mod set my permissions up? I'm Soylent in-game.