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I love me some Zelda 2

First off, my favourite Zelda title so far has been Wind Waker. I've played through every home console Zelda title religiously. I thought Twilight Princess was excellent, though it comes with a list of faults (yet you could say this about any 30+ hour game) and felt more like a 'tribute' to OOT.Skyward Sword is positioned as a prequel to the franchise, the origin of the story formula we're all more than familiar with. Without spoiling anything, Skyward Sword manages this very well - although no ...

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Choo-choo Link! 0

  Zelda has always been the ultimate series for me, as with many people. Each instalment gives me uncanny amounts of hype and a weekend of no socialising upon release, however the handheld titles have always passed me by as one of those 'good games I'll play some other time'. Finally I've decided to finish a handheld Zelda title ever since Oracle of Ages launched back in 2001.   Warning: you will meet a train spotter in this adventure Although the game might look like it'd tie in straight...

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