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I am looking for some information on how the game runs on mid-range PCs, with specs around the official "Recommended" range? I have an i7-4k series with a Geforce 760 (which is fairly close to the 660 they recommend); so while I'm sure I would be able to run it, I don't know how well. 1080p with 45-50fps on mid-settings is what I would be happy with but I don't know if my specs can pull that off.

I have a PS4 as well so I'm not sure which platform to go for. Thanks in advance for any help duders!

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@bpriller: Thanks, I just claimed it (I think). I got a 404-type error page after hitting redeem but it shows up on my download list.

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That's cool.

But why is there no Master Chief Collection bundle? As a PC/PS owner, that's the one game/franchise that would make me buy an Xbox One this year. $349 is still a fair price for a new console though.

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Space Marine, the Harry Potter and James Bond series (for obvious reasons) and a few old Rare games like Perfect Dark & Conkers have a lot of British VO. Ryan and Vinny really knew how to take the mickey out of such games (Shhapyce Muhreens?)

All Codemaster games have British VO too but it's mostly for the menus, tutorials and race commentary only so I'm not sure they count? Before the Fable series, most of the old Bullfrog games, like Black & White, Dungeon Keeper had British VO but again, those games didn't have much voice work anyway.

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Origin name is Spacetrucking. Region is Western US, though sometimes I get better latency on South Central US for some reason.

Let's drop some titans and twist necks!

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The last moment in Infamous 2, when you're first told to hold R1, R2, L1 and L2 (basically forcing the player to clutch on to the controller as tightly as possible) and then told to 'let go', is still one of favorite bits of controller-to-game interactions. On-the-nose but effective! And it's a moment that's a bit unique to games because of the way it involves the player.

It's somewhat misplaced in a game with such wanton destruction but it still had emotional impact. Before the last half-hour of the game, I was certain I wanted to replay the whole storyline to see the other/evil side (as a sidenote, it's one of the reasons I hate the absolute light/dark side moral choices in games).

But after that ending, I didn't want to. It was just so well executed that I didn't want to spoil my experience for the sake of completion. I played a bit more Infamous 2 after that ending but story-wise, I was done. I thought it was the perfect epitaph to Cole's troubled life and if they ever make another Infamous, it had to be with a new character.

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STALKER's Redux mod has everything you mentioned and more. Those games are incredibly realistic to begin with but the Redux takes things that extra mile by introducing hunger, bandages that only stop the bleeding but don't heal, makes weapon maintenance harder and so on and so forth. Just read their notes - most of it is very well thought out as it brings the game world very close to the real. I enjoyed it for a while but the problem is, it is a little too close to reality and makes certain parts of the game a chore (like real life).