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So putting aside the fact that most of this game's story is fan-fiction, wasn't the One ring's true power just its mind-control? It didn't grant any other super powers like the ones Celebrimbor exhibits in the game.

I remember reading that Sauron was forced to transfer most of his mind-control powers into the One Ring to execute his plan of world dominance. It wasn't something he was glad to do since he realized how it weakened him in case he ever lost the ring.

A lot of the gameplay in the main game revolves around Celebrimbor also possessing the power to dominate minds, so I wonder if this DLC explains how he managed to steal some of the One Ring's power permanently (which is supposed to be impossible).

This could be a great DLC if you are already invested in Monolith's lore, but it's difficult to do so if you knew some LOTR lore beforehand. Most of it tries to fit in the gaps of the Cinnamon Girl (aka Silmarillion) but it ends up contradicting some of the established facts of that fiction.

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This "expansion should be free" stuff is garbage. This isn't Driveclub, what does Destiny have to make up for? Jeff's active dislike of this game is really choking any conversations about the game itself and it bums me out each time. Drew and Dan never get a word in during these.

They're talking about the paucity of content in the game itself. The hour count of people playing is misleading since you're running the same content over and over to farm for materials, etc. The fact that Brad, who is the only person on the Bombcast to even like Destiny, agrees with Jeff should say something.

So if I play Call of Duty for the multiplayer which is just the same maps over and over again, does that mean it has a paucity of content as well? What about Dota? I understand someone not liking the multiplayer but you can't ignore it's presence when talking about amount of content.

It's a different thing to admit you wish there was a bit more to do and saying it's an outright disappointment and the expansions should be free to make up for it.

It's not just about the number of maps or hours played. Jeff covered it on the podcast too but I guess it needs emphasis: it's about what is expected from mmos and loot driven games (Destiny is very much an amalgamation of the two).

The amount of content I (and perhaps others) expected from Destiny is more akin to Diablo III than COD. In Diablo's case, Blizzard is actively supporting and adding content to that game, for free. They released one expansion pack after nearly 2 years but all preceding & subsequent content patches have been free.And it's not like Blizzard makes money from selling hats or skins like Dota/League. Another good comparison could be Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2, which are very similar to Destiny in terms of how they handle persistence and shared player space (not to mention all the grinding).

I guess it comes down to expectations. If you're satisfied with Destiny current content, then that's cool. I like the game a lot too and leveled all three classes to near max light level. But Jeff and Brad are absolutely spot on: this game feels anemic in terms of content.

By complete coincidence, both D3 (vanilla/before the xpac) and Destiny suffer from the same mission design where they expect the player to run through the exact same missions over and over for a minuscule chance at better loot. At least D3 fixed a lot of this with the Nephalem and Greater Rift system. Hopefully Bungie can borrow a few tricks from their Activision stablemates and implement something similar.

PS: The multiplayer is an even bigger disappointment. Bungie were the trendsetters for console shooters with the number of modifiers you could throw into the mix in any Halo game. Not to mention, you could basically make your own maps and play modes in Forge. It was almost an Unreal Tournament for consoles. So going from near limitless, community driven playlists and maps to just FOUR gametypes is a damn shame. It's not like they don't have the tools for it either - Void burn, Arc burn, lightswitch, juggler, elemental shields, the relic from VOG - if only they just allowed people to create their own playlists with these standard modifiers and tools, it would make the mp a lot more fun and help it standout from all the other standard team deathmatch games.

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Jeff is such a badass I wish I was like him but apparently I'm just a child. Jeff should stream himself playing Silent Hills P.T. to show how badass he is.

Oh please, save the macho bullshit. This isn't me beating my chest and saying I'm tough. This is me legitimately wondering what it is that people (in this case adults with opinions I really respect) see in that genre. And the answers I get back seem so half-hearted that I just can't understand how people get legitimately scared by this stuff. Startled and jumpy, sure. But legitimately scared? Why? How?

You probably already know this but the 'Fight or Flight' response generated by fear gives an adrenaline rush. The anticipation of a jump scare or the hanging fear of an unknown, horrible entity in a game/movie is where the body builds up adrenaline (fun for some, silliness for others).

Now the amount of emotional pleasure one gets from extended periods of fear is more subjective. I distinctly remember a good BBC piece on this subject where they said only about 10% of the population actually derive pleasure from being legitimately scared, and are far more likely to enjoy horror movies and such. I was looking around the internet for some papers to back up my argument, like they did but alas, all I could find were articles from About(dot)com and other similar places so all this might as well be gibberish.

Point being: there is an actual physiological correlation between fear and excitement. I can not do this justice so I hope a bombcast listener with a psychology degree can send in an email or something to explain the phenomena better.

I used to enjoy horror games but after playing a few, you start to recognize the patterns and how the developers are trying to create/construct tension. And once that happened, it became hard to immerse myself and actually get scared. It doesn't help when games like Amnesia or Outland have supernatural elements in them. The more fantastical a game gets, the harder it becomes for me to get scared.

These days the things that usually scare me are more about how horrible one person can be to another. Like the character of Sander Cohen in Bioshock, or every person ever in the STALKER series. Sometimes even those things go beyond reason to a degree of silliness though.

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Are you against Dead to Rights: Revengening? Because that sounds pretty awesome.

Aha! So it was you who came up with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? I knew you couldn't be trusted with the English language. Bloody monarchs.

BTW Mento, Yahtzee actually did on a rant on generic suffixes (on Dead to Rights no less). It was pretty funny, as was your list.

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Good review Alex. Still a fan of your writing but I think the best representation of this game was not my the main GB staff, but the lowly interns:

Fair Warning: You might suffer a seizure if you're allergic to the word 'dildo'.

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I already had my UC3 multiplayer fill during the beta and I barely have enough time for my usual SC2 multiplayer anyway, so that part of the game might as well not exist for me; which in turn makes the decline in single player quality even more of a bummer. I finished the UC2 campaign quite a few times for all the unlocks, so it's kinda weird they would remove those ancillary aspects. I'll stick with my original plan and just Gamefly this one for a weekend.

'Blended the chasm' sounds a bit odd. Isn't the saying something like 'bridging the chasm'?

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I'm making this one my new desktop wallpaper because it looks like a god damn painting. Naughty Dog sure know how to make even a desert look pretty and appealing.

Brad, more screenshots like this please!

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Portal 2 is probably my favorite game of the year so far but I also felt satiated with the way it ended. It's so rare for a game to end on such a definitive note and Portal 2's ending had a real sense of finality to it (even though they can always contort ways to make another sequel). I would much rather see more coop mission packs, than more Chell/GLaDOS interplay at this point.

And I know what you mean about Deus Ex HR. You probably need a proclivity for cyberpunk to get past its weak opening. In a way, it's got the same problem as the first Deus Ex, in that they both make a mediocre first impression.