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Beijing, China

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@patrickklepek Yo! Kinda of sad to see that Worth Playing might not be a feature anymore. Anyway, since you keep saying that using video as a medium will potentially be more worthwhile than writing articles, you could try making Worth Reading into a video feature. The video could cover some of the articles/news snippets that you mention along with your opinions on said pieces. Just an idea..keep on rockin'.

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Cool. Thanks for the article.

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I'm having the same problem also in Chrome.

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Proof read before submitting an article .

"We were going to walk through the story, make sure were happy with every single sentence and phrasing,"

"There's a hint of uncertainty in the air but everything unfolds in my mind as a collection of brilliant nights whose sheer propulsive determinism will withstand any obstacle to this brave new entrepreneurial future. P"

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I'm having the same problem using Chrome on a Windows 7 machine. The expiration date drop-down menu doesn't budge. I don't want to go through PayPal to buy a yearly sub.

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There's one box when you first start the game (before the Russian level). You also also interact with that same box after you come back to the agency.. The box achievement was my first one that I got I think. Thanks for your help!!

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I've gotten all the achievements except for Face Infectors. Anyone mind giving me a hint as to where to find this one. If anyone needs help with any of the other stuff, let me know. Thanks

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I really liked the pizza in the first level, the cabin starts freaking out evil dead style then you are just catapulted out of the pizza box and that awesome music they have playing on the street starts blasting instantly. That moment really made me realize that this game was on a whole other level.

EDIT: also the stuff you dig up on the beach, and all the dumb puns related to file names and other computer shit was hilarious

Yeah, there are pizza boxes everywhere in this game. I'm not sure if there's a hidden achievement or something to do all of them (since they're all the same).

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Ya, the glitch happens when something is falling from the sky I think. The physics in this game are top-notch.

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