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@rollingzeppelin: Honestly, it was a drunken mistake that I could have avoided.

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@Brewmaster_Andy: I'm usually pretty good about checking out total prices and stuff when I'm checking out of an online store. I'll try to look into contacting their support for some sort of reimbursement. To all the other posters, I've been living abroad for the last 5 years and my American bank account doesn't have that much cash in it. Stupid, I know. Just letting others here know that this might happen to them if they want to use their services.

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What a joke. I recently ordered the giantbombcast special (19.99 for 100 something flowers and a glass vase) and everything went swimmingly...until I got the confirmation email that included my actual total (not the one that displayed on the website during checkout) and it was another 13 dollars more for shipping which left my bank account in the negative.

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Oh boy...a key would be pretty awesome.

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Hey! This really cool game called Castle in the Darkness ( is out on Steam and does not have a game page. Since it doesn't have game page, it's not being recalled by Twitch's game-finding system.


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Beijing, China

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@patrickklepek Yo! Kinda of sad to see that Worth Playing might not be a feature anymore. Anyway, since you keep saying that using video as a medium will potentially be more worthwhile than writing articles, you could try making Worth Reading into a video feature. The video could cover some of the articles/news snippets that you mention along with your opinions on said pieces. Just an idea..keep on rockin'.

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Cool. Thanks for the article.

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I'm having the same problem also in Chrome.