Grandpa's Xbox

This is my first Blog, so I gets quest points that's what is really important.  :P
 Anyway, I was at my parents house last weekend and while I was taking out the trash I saw an Xbox 360 sitting on the edge of the dumpster. It didn't look damaged so I thought it must have RROD or something. But for some reason I took it inside and tested it out. 

I was baffled that someone would throw away a perfectly fine 360. We (my parents and I) decided to give it to my Grandpa who has been gaming on PC for a while now, mostly shooters, and the Xbox isn't lacking in shooters. He has stayed away from games like MW2 and online shooters cause he's not really competitive.
I thought it was an awesome idea. If my Grandpa wanted he could get Live and play with my dad ( who plays on live sometimes) and me.
Think of it. Three generations of my family playing on Xbox live is so awesome it brings a tear to my eye.