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Betting it will be their "Play bad games for yucks" concept plastered into a sorta quick rundown of a buncha of the steam releases giving a Go/No-Go as an indication of complete shovel-ware and mildly enjoyable video-experience.

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This is too weird not to share!

Thanks, grandma...

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So if I wanted to learn guitar, this would be worse, but if I just needed a practice tool, this would be better?

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I played around 2 races of Forza offline so that I could see what it was like without drivatars. It was waaaay easier.

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Bet you haven't even experienced Jail Mode

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Link to reddit thread where leak happened.

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I liked the game. I feel that video games are becoming less "game-y" and are figuring out how to create experiences that aren't just some mechanic repeated until it get bored with itself. Maybe if there was a way to telegraph "If you come in with these expectation you will be disappointed" however, I feel that it is the fault of the buyer in most of the cases. Proteus has been reported on fairly conclusively that this is not a traditional game and if you did as much research as watched the trailer you would have seen what you are paying for. Examine for yourself if the game is an experience you would like to have and then make your buying decision, don't just buy a game because hype.

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The link for the XNA article leads to the Brian Reynolds article.

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I kind of disagree with "Masocore Indie Platformers" being a bad trend, considering the examples provided either weren't that difficult (Snapshot) or the difficulty was one of the main design choices (Dustforce). I also think that "Assassin's Creed's Decline" is a weird option for a "trend" because there were only two bad (main) assassin's creed games.

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@YOU_DIED said:

can we try to keep politics off of Giant Bomb? fucks sakes, the discussions always devolve into massive shitstorms made of generalizations and emotionally charged nonsense

These are comments on an article about video games and politics. It can't really be avoided.