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I would say that, Although I think no-one really denies that Dark Souls 1 is a better game than DS2 overall.

I think a lot of people deny it. Me for one.

That said, Crown of the Sunken King is as good a piece of Souls content as you can find. Parts of it remind me of the bearbug (or rockworm?) tunnels from Demon's Souls. There's a sense of claustrophobia and being lost that recall moments of trying to find my way through the maze-like portion of Stonefang Tunnels.

Also, they managed to include a better version of Dark Souls' bounding demons.

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So I have to play through the entire game again just to unlock the director commentary for a game I already beat three times over a year ago? What the fuck did I buy this for?

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But why would I want to?

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I've been spending my holiday break catching up with some of Dan's work over at Game Informer, and there are some "Replays" over there that are just as good if not better than Quick Looks. Makes sense that he's already pretty good at the Giant Bomb thing.

I highly recommend the Tail of the Sun Super Replay, and the Dan's Dad plays games videos.

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"Books are stupid." - Dan Ryckert, author of two books.

Man. Dan is a damn good fit.

Air Force Gator and Air Force Gator II don't count as books.

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I don't know what this write-up is all about, but I think people should mind their own business

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The comments on flatworms leads me to believe that the 8-4 crew has discovered penis fencing.

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Hey, I wonder why this is called Crims--OhMyGod!

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Also, I was disappointed in the quantity of Lord of the Rings talk. I believe you guys promised a full hour of it.

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Space? Why on earth would you live there?

I didn't want to contribute to the snarky tone of the comments section here, but I feel that you definitely deserve special recognition for this line.