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@spoonman671: i dont even know what skillshare is or how it relates to this bookmark i accidently clicked on when checking Jeffs tumblr =) I just think the art is super cool and thought these forums might too.... use whatever site that is at your own risk lol

Oh, my bad, I should have explained why I was asking. The Ground Zeroes entry on that guy's site includes a link to the classes he teaches on Skillshare. That site seems really cool (classes for people to learn how to do things like drawing, animating, cooking, photography, etc.) and I impulsively made that potentially thread-jacking post to ask about it without thinking. Sorry.

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Never occurred to me and I'm fucking brilliant, so don't feel too bad about yourself.

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What do people know about Skillshare? It seems very interesting to me, but I've never heard about it, and I am hesitant to get involved in a website that I've been led to by what is, potentially, a spam post (no offense).

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@wes899 said:

The first Souls game people play is their favorite.

This is definitely a factor. These games are novel experiences, and a big part of that aspect fades on your second Souls game.

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"You can definitely taste the pizza roll in there."

EDIT: God damn it, @whitegreyblack!

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Nope, Dark Souls II is better. But Demon's Souls is superior to either of them so what's it matter?

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I don't know if these games are what you mean when you say obscure, but Legend of Legaia has an awesome battle system, the Breath of Fire games are great, and Vagrant Story is the best game ever made.

I don't remember if it was good or not.

It wasn't. It really, really wasn't.

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@briareosph: What kind of smart phone did you buy? The IOS app store has a much larger selection of hardcore gems than the Amazon App Store does.

This really should have been the first response in this thread. Knowing whether we're dealing with an Android or Apple device is pretty essential to answering this question properly.

Although, I do find it odd that you referenced the Amazon App Store instead of the Google Play store.