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@mordukai: Importers of the asian version of Demon's Souls definitely played up the difficulty of that game. I remember a lot of pre-release hype about how that game was going to kick my ass.

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I had come to the same assumption. I was going to see if the Yharnam Stone had any effect on it, but I didn't actually care.

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Take something fun and make it ugly. Way to go, again, internet.

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@cloudforest: @andylonn: I think it can be assumed that Varys has gained a certain measure of trust from Tyrion after releasing him from jail and smuggling him out of the continent. As sly as Tyrion is, I think he's got blindspots when it comes to these sorts of things, otherwise he wouldn't have fallen for Shae's "my lion" routine.

I've recently heard an interesting fan theory that Varys is actually a faceless man who is manipulating the political situation and biding his time in order to assassinate some target or, as seems more likely, bring about some coup for the devotees of the Many-Faced God/Great Other(?)/Red God. At this point it almost seems as plausible a motivation for this character as anything else.

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Why are people still complaining about this? If you don't want to preorder, then don't. If you do, then do it the night before release so you've gotten whatever information it is that you needed to justify your purchase. It's not that big of a deal.

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@humanity said:

@giant_gamer: I'm actually really curious what it is you guys are talking. I'm on NG+ and for the love of me I can't remember anything that resembled a "glowing skeleton" ??

At the bottom of the Unseen Village/Chapel area before you face The One Reborn, there are a couple kneeling skeletons that look like they're burning with white fire. They hurt if you touch them.

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Happening to me as well. It's quite annoying.

I tried to get a refund because I'm tired of broken games at this point, but Sony declined it. I do hope WB fixes this soon.

Sign out of PSN, start the game, sign back in once at the main menu.

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Whose body do you think that Russian guy's head is getting transplanted to? Why do you think Kojima is going to be leaving Konami?

Put the pieces together, man.

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@rafaelfc said:

Game crashes whenever I boot it now... started yesterday.

Great game.


I'm playing on a digital copy on PS4. My friend has the disc also on PS4 and the faction stuff is down but it's working fine for him otherwise.

I had the same problem. Log out of PSN, then boot up the game. Once you reach the main menu you can sign back in to PSN. They're working on a fix.