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Jiff is peanut butter.

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But will it play my VHS tapes?

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I spent 20 minutes in a Gamestop the other day eavesdropping on an associate and a customer going back and forth over why the customer couldn't just buy the tablet for his Wii. He couldn't understand why it was an entirely new console instead of just an add-on to the Wii. Yeah, Nintendo isn't doing a great job of explaining what the Wii U is to the average consumer.

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The "Forgot it Existed Xbox" since that's what Microsoft seems to do. Do they ever acknowledge that thing was even a thing?

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Neither right now. I need more games info to be certain, so maybe in a couple of years I'll decide.

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Either/or, they're fine with me. There's also certain flavors that are great frozen.

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Well then, guess I should be glad I got it for free through PS+.

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It was pretty cool. As a long time Trek fan, I've been satisfied with how Abrams has updated the series. It gives newcomers a chance to get into the franchise without being overwhelmed.

Plus, Karl Urban as Bones is just about the greatest thing ever.