Choice in Games

For a long time now, I have often wondered why Bioware games and other games that use morality are instantly off-putting to me(this was back before the internet decided to pull a Soviet-esque "correction" and declare that all of their recent work was terrible and they are going down the drain) while everyone I knew who played video games said that they were so great. I have no problem playing rpg's so it was not that. After playing Skyrim, I finally now understand why I personally can not get behind their method of role playing. Bare in mind, that I have never played any of these games and if i speak in absolutes it is only for the sake of saving time and arguement. However, I endured the agony that was Fable 3 which i will use as an example and i think i have identified my problem and anyone else who suffers from it can now rest assured they are not alone. The problem is that they label choices good or bad(or some cope out euphism) and hand out points accordingly. However, they also desire to make these choices matter or effect the game gameplay and storywise. This is not role-playing. This is picking from two paths. What makes it worse is if done poorly like in Fable 3 there are some complete internal logic breakdowns. For example, drinking alchohol is considered corrupt or evil i forget which. But later in the game you are presented with taking a bribe from the rich and doing prohibition or siding with the poor and letting them drink. This choice would have been meaniful if it was not clearly labeled as good and evil. DRINKING IN THIS GAME MAKES PEOPLE SPROUT DEMON HORNS SHOULDNT SOMETHING BE DONE TO STOP THAT! It could have been a decision over whether the elite should make desicions for everyone but instead its just yo you want to be good or evil. This brings me to problem numero dos: who are you to judge me? Seriously, you can not claim to be embracing player choice and at the same time be like no-no-no lying is wrong. The more you blow these desicions up the more grey they become shoving your version of right and wrong down my throat is stupid and counterproductive. You are already going to generate these assets for the consequences why attach something to that. Which is more impactful: getting +30 bad guy points or walking to the crater where the town used to be and seeing nothing but dead bodies because you sold them out for some shiny thing? Or alternatively: getting +10 good guy points or seeing the father you saved return to his family? Compare this to Skyrim and you can see what should be done. That game dont give a fuck if you are a mass murderer psychopath the consequences to your actions are the dead bodies in the street and the man being after you. The game actually at no point gives any consequence to consorting with demons who have tried to take over the world and burn it to the ground besides giving you a sweet-ass mace or some other thing. It is up to the player to decide what to do and you are never stuck to one path. Honestly, if you need to be fucking told what is right and wrong by a video game you are a sad sad individual. You should know at this point that stealing and killing are wrong and people will act accordingly. I am assuming of course that you arent 8 years old (if you are i recomend you close this browser and never come to this website until you are older). This was a little too long and ranty but whatever I already wrote it. Thanks if you read it.