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I know this thread is super old, but if you're still interested I say absolutely try it. It really is a fun mix of Pokemon and strategic gameplay, and the game is just so good. I have over 50 hours logged into the game, and there are still a lot of campaigns I haven't even unlocked yet. This is real swansong of the DS in my opinion.

I totally agree. I have like 30 hours logged.

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Its kinda difficult to believe the quality of the site is going to great and amazing if they manage to create hatred for a product that has not been released yet unintentionally. I mean if someone can look at that trailer and say yep this cant backfire at all in any way that puts doubts on the quality of everyone involved.

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Brink full price

This. I made the same terrible mistake.

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Thats a great idea. I built a very bad version of junes on the old server my friend used to run it but it was sadly blown up.

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I have said this before and I will say it again Funky Student riding Mysterious Fox.

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Personally I think that the podcast is better when it is on bizzare stupid tangents. I mean there are plenty of game podcasts you can listen to if you hate fun and just want to listen to people say things about video games. I dont listen to those for a reason.

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From the perspective of most Americans, the government is a necessary evil at worst and well meaning idiots at best. The reasoning tends to be the government is stupid and doesnt know how to run what it already has and anything they touch will be ruined. From their viewpoint, allowing government expansion would be bad for EVERYONE not just themselves. I am not saying its true but characterizing it as selfishness isnt true and is immature.

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Didnt this thread already happen before? Or was that a dream?

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I want to play as Funky Student riding Mysterious Fox. I will settle with Chie.

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Move somewhere where it is warm most of the year to justify having an actual ac.