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Posted by StarFoxA

What should I buy?

Posted by Joker

I don't know dude. Maybe Castle Crashers in a few weeks, or Bionic Commando Rearmed that JUST came out. Geometry Wars 2 is also the bomb diggity. Gah too many choices! I wish I had 15 bucks!

Posted by StarFoxA

I'm leaning towards Bionic Commando. Maybe Braid. Or Geometry Wars 2. Or a new controller after I get some more money.


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Posted by spiceninja

Get Bionic Commando. It's frickin' awesome.

Posted by Zuul

depends on how many controllers you have.  Castle crashers is awesome and lasts a while if you plan on getting everything.  Plus it's a lot of fun :D.  Briad isnt bad either.

Posted by pyromaniac

A lollipop...seriously