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To me, the most insulting thing ive seen this year within the gaming community is the fact that EA won the title of worst company of the year over Bank of America... I know its a stupid poll and doesn't mean anything but still, EA beat BANK OF AMERICA????? One mediocre ending to a good series fucking beats the fact that banks fucked our economy? Yeah...really hard to take a gaming community seriously when this is the result.

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Hello, I've been having issues lately when it comes to watching most of the newer GB videos. A good amount of them will end up being out of sync between the video and audio. I've tried all the video players but to no avail. Anyone know if this is something that I can fix on my end, or if the videos are just out of sync.


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This is goddamn amazing, nice work dude!

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Damn, getting all necro up in this.

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called it :(

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Performance-wise I've had a little bit of a frame rate drop, but I've only experienced a game play glitch once so far. While doing the quest to obtain Isabella, if you loot a certain guy before she actually says to, the quest will not update and you won't be able to progress beyond the chantry door.  Thankfully I save every 5-10 minutes so it wasn't so painful to redo.

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I think they will or have nerfed a big foundation of what made my build so great, but essentially it revolved around the Greater planar essence that heals X amount over 8 seconds off of healing spells. This of course when worded how it is sounds like a decent heal over time effect, but in actuality means for the 8 seconds the essence is active it heals for that amount with what seems to be near 70% of procing off of any healing spell instantly. I went Shaman/Justicar/Druid with a 2-handed build. Essentially the ability granted from Justicar (Salvation) is the kingpin in all of this. The majority of my tree is spec'ed into shaman to get the last points and really dish out some damage, but Salvation converts all that damage into some form of raid wide healing. Druid has a great damage modifiers as well, like 5% crit and a 5% spellpower to attackpower ratio. Another completely weird thing about this is the fact that with the right amount of points in each soul tree you can get three 1 minute CD's that for 10 seconds, restore 10% of your mana on successful melee hit, rendering going out of mana nearly impossible if you are attacking. Often times I'll aggro 6-7 things at a time and start cleaving them down, and because each attack counts as a seperate heal, depending on how many targets i hit(up to 6 at a time when specced into justicar) i have that many tiems to be healed from the great planar essence.   

The planar essence I was talking about earlier doesn't seem to have any GCD and I find the proc to be up almost always. By doing so, any damage I deal will also passively heal people, and proc the trinket, granting a large bonus heal for no mana cost. The first good 1(Heals for 300 over 8 seconds) can be obtained from the rare planar good vendors in the starting areas, but seem to be amazing overpowered as I managed to last with even the first tier of it all the way to level 30 with no problems. As I played further into the tress and learned more shaman abilities you are granted a couple that are proc'ed after a certain condition is met, (instant spell damage in melee range after a critical hit with healing or damage abilities & a melee swing that cannot be dodged or parried after being successfully dodged or parried on an attack). The beauty of these spells is that they are off the GCD and will as well proc the trinket, allowing you to heal for a substantial amount of health to raid members faster than the time it takes for your 1 second abilities to come off cooldown. Additionally, I'v easily solo healed several dungeons by simply dealing straight damage.  
Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this build, but the most obvious is the fact that none of these trees have the option to rez any party member (unless you somehow manage to get all the way at the the end of justicar's soul without taking a ton of tanking talents and learn the battle rez abilitiy). Realistically if this does get nerfed, this spec will probably dissolve or be far less useful. The aoe healing capabilities are nice but the overall single target healing is lacking very much and is primarily getting carried by the greater planar essence. Nearly all spells you have that are of any additional healing are instant cast and have no cooldown, but only 1(druid talent tree heal) spell that will actually let you cast a heal without being in combat or have conviction. It doesn't sound so bad until you realize that 1 spell is also the only controlled heal you have, most of the healing that goes out is an untargetable aoe healing from passive damage dealing or a spell called Doctrine of Loyalty. The only single target spell besides the druid ability you have is Doctrine of Righteousness and can only be used on a target that has a certain buff (forgot the name) that last until cancelled and cannot be put on more than 1 person, but not a cleric. 
My pvp experience is limited but i have done some and I can say, you excell very highly when you can find a few people to attack. Cleaving that many more targets with an endless mana pool ensures you out heal any kind of burst they throw out on you, assuming you don't get stunned or rooted. Far enough into the shaman build theres a charge that lets you break these roots, but its on a fairly long CD of 15 seconds. I was having a lot of fun with that in the open pvp setting, doing things like 4v1s and winning or at the least not dying, and the best part was probably the enemies yelling at me as to why I wouldn't die ( I really like that I can understand the opposite faction). Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact number to my build but i believe it was something like 32(shaman)/23(justicar)/11(druid). 
Edit: Just occurred to me of another drawback. This build has a lot of buffs. For you to be effective at healing from resurrecting, you need to spend 4-6 seconds on just casting buffs on yourself, all instant cast, but takes up a GCD. Not a big deal if soloing or ressing out of combat, but if you die mid fight and need to pop up again quickly or in pvp it can be quite annoying to reapply it.

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Hello! I'd like to join in on some of that minecraft fun. Username Steambox.

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