Ryan Davis - A friend I've never met

I just found out some bad news that upset me and to those around me who aren't as distressed and unsettled as I am, you will never understand why.

I just found out Ryan Davis passed away last week.

To the people asking me why I'm dismayed, if you aren't in the same state as me you didn't know Ryan Davis. The honest truth though is, I didn't know Ryan Davis, at least not personally. He's not someone I've met in person before, he's not even someone I've ever talked to before yet here I am sobbing like a kid who lost his favourite teddy bear and best friend. That friend who at the sight of him could make you smile..

That is the kind of person Ryan is to me.

To those that don't know Ryan Davis, he was a video game journalist who co-founded video game website Giant Bomb. To those of us who follow the site and before that his work at GameSpot, he was so much more. There was a reason why Ryan was usually appointed host whenever Giant Bomb had a show or a panel or the podcast. He had a prescence which was hard to ignore and he always seemed genuine in what he said and did and because of this it always felt like with each show, each segment, you got to know him more. The list of people who didn't like Ryan would be short and even they, upon finding out this tragic news, will join us among the shattered.

My thoughts and heart go out to those who knew him so well. I cannot begin to perceive how you feel but know that all of us who knew Ryan join you in mourning the passing of a man who made the world a brighter place or better yet, join you in celebrating the life of a man who we all loved.

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