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I sent a request and PM :)

Hopefully there are enough ANZAC players around to have some fun.

Oh and as a side note, using remote play with the Vita works pretty well :D

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Holy shit!

I was expecting the next record to be around the 18:20 mark.

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Massa was looking at taking the inside lane, when he saw that Vettel had it and he couldn't fit in behind him, he pulled to the right to get behind Perez but because Perez hit the brakes so early and changed his line, Massa turned into him.

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27g is pretty damn impressive to be able to walk away from.

Still not quite the same as David Purley's crash in 1977 where he survived (with many broken bones) a 178g crash (173km/h or 107mph to 0 in 66cm or 2ft)

EDIT: Didn't know about this one - 214g crash in 2003 by a driver named Kenny Brack

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I was super bored early in the race but damn that was a super exciting end.

Chopper view of the Massa/Perez crash -

On board with Vettel as Massa passes him -

Props to Rosberg though for being able to hold his position despite all the issues, just a testament to how good a driver he is (and just how ahead of the curve Merc are with their cars atm).

Also Ricciardo is such an upstanding bloke

Also looks like Perez is getting a drop of 5 grid positions in the next race :/

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@nights: Awesome :D

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With the amount lens flares in my shots, you'd think I was a J.J. Abrams wannabe..

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Got myself a Challenger. So sexy.

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